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Looking for Best LinkedIn learning Courses? Look no further. In today’s world, continuous learning is essential, especially in the professional space. However, LinkedIn Learning has emerged as one of the go-to platforms for professionals seeking to upskill and stay relevant. 

LinkedIn Learning is a treasure trove of knowledge with 16,000+ courses across various topics. There is a course for everyone, from digital marketing and leadership to programming and creative skills. 

However, with so many options available, it can take time to choose the best ones. This article will explore some of the best LinkedIn Learning courses, ranging from soft to technical skills, to help you advance your career. 

Whether a student or a working professional, these courses will enhance your skillset and open new opportunities. 

Are LinkedIn Learning Courses Effective?

LinkedIn Learning courses have become increasingly popular in recent years for professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge in a broad range of topics. But the question remains, are these courses effective?

The courses are generally structured to provide learners engaging and interactive content, including video lectures, quizzes, and assignments.

Additionally, the courses are taught by subject matter experts who provide insights and valuable advice on different topics. For example, learners have reported gaining knowledge and skills that have helped them further their careers or develop new skills to enter a new industry.

The effectiveness of the courses, however, largely depends on the learner’s motivation to complete the courses and their ability to implement what they have learned in real-world scenarios.

LinkedIn Learning courses can be effective, but the learner determines their effectiveness.

8 Best LinkedIn Learning Courses Of 2024

Here is a table showing the 8 best LinkedIn Learning Courses of 2024:

Course NameBest Suitable For
Learning PythonBest for Programming Language
Time Management And Working From HomeBest for Time Management
Become A Small Business OwnerBest for Entrepreneurs
Speaking With ConfidenceBest for Public Speaking
Excel Essential TrainingBest for Microsoft skill
Learning Video Production & EditingBest for Filming and Edition
Online MarketingBest for Marketing
Financial Basics Best advise on Capital Investments

Now let’s dive deeper and look at each course in detail.

1. Learning Python

Why it is Best- This is the best course for people who like coding or programming language. Even those without coding or programming experience can also learn this. Python is so popular because of its easy-to-use and intuitive nature. This course will help you to unlock the door to more lucrative jobs.

Best LinkedIn learning Courses - Learning Python

Course detail- Learning Python 2020 is presented by Joe Marini. He is the senior developer advocate at Google. In this course, he will teach you an introduction to programming language. You will get to learn how to examine the basic language. Learn how to build your first Python program in just a few lines of code. The course will teach how to determine if Python is installed on your system. And if not, then also learn how to install it—also, learn to work with Python’s built-in high-level data types. This course concludes by teaching the usage of Python’s pre-built modules and building advance level features like retrieving data.

Highlights of this Course

Chapter- This course includes 5 chapters at the beginning

Time– 2 hours 27 minutes

Category- Business/ Programming

Instructor- Joe Marini

Member- More than 997,100 members enrolled for this course

Fees- It is free for one month

2. Time Management and Working from Home

Why it is best- Time Management and working from the home course is best for those who lost the balance between staying productive and managing time. After 2020 remote work became popular and also one of the best learning courses on LinkedIn.

Time Management and Working from Home - Best LinkedIn learning Courses

Course detail- The instructor of this course is Dave Crenshaw, the author and productivity expert. He offers the best practices for anyone who works full-time or freelances from home. In this course, he simplifies the relationship between freedom and time and creates a productive workspace. In the next chapter, he works through adjusting the schedule when it collides. This chapter also includes planning meaningful breaks and crafting the schedule for peak productivity. Then Dave walks through how to communicate productively. He explains how to respond to quick questions and the productive usage of virtual meetings. He concludes by guiding how to manage interruptions and emergencies while working at home. Dave also explains the power of having fun with loved ones.

Highlights of This Course

Chapter- This course includes 4 chapters at the beginning

Time– 1 hour 25 minutes

Category- Management

Instructor- Dave Crenshaw

Member- More than 968,500 members enrolled for this course

Fees- It is free for one month

3. Become a Small business Owner

Why it is best- This is our best pick for entrepreneurs or someone who wants to start their business. This course guides you through a clear understanding of the responsibilities of entrepreneurship. You can also learn how to determine your future business’s legal and financial aspects.

Become a Small business Owner - Best LinkedIn learning Courses

Course detail- The curator of this course, Guy Kawasaki, will guide you to become a successful businessman. In the introductory part, he shows how to focus on your pitch and deliver it successfully. He explains how to predict new markets and opportunities. Next, he elaborates on how to expand your business through social media. He teaches the art of writing on social media and how to gain followers to reach the maximum audience. Kawasaki also talks about the evolution of social media and the future of social media platforms. This LinkedIn course lets you build your business model and develop your business plan. This course will help you establish your business as a legitimate legal entity.

Highlights of this course

Chapter- This course includes 2 chapters, including 12 subtopics

Time– 14 minutes

Category- Entrepreneur 

Instructor- Guy Kawasaki

Member- 96,865 members enrolled for this course

Fees- It is free for one month

4. Speaking With Confidence

Why it is best- Speaking With Confidence is the best course. We closely examined that this is the crucial part where maximum people face problems in every work field. This learning course guides you to be an excellent public speaker.

Speaking with Confidence

Course detail- The instructor of this course, Jeff Ansell, will help you to sound more confident and express yourself through body language by overcoming anxiety. He starts by teaching how to be a good speaker and connect yourself with others. Next, he shows how to organize your thoughts and deliver them as you meant to. Use your body language as a weapon of confidence. He clearly describes hand gestures and eye and facial expressions. Lastly, he adds how to handle anxiety and make fake confidence real. In conclusion, in this course, the real-world coaching exercises will assist you in visualizing the tactics in operation.

Highlights of this course

Chapter- This course includes 5 chapters

Time– 1 hour 16 minutes

Category- Business / Public Speaking

Instructor- Jeff Ansell

Member- 1,166,255 members enrolled for this course

Fees- It is free for one month

5. Excel Essential Training

Why it is best- I picked this course for Microsoft skills because it teaches how to create charts, develop formulas and functions, and design, format, and spreadsheet. Moreover, Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet program.

Excel Essential Training

Course detail- The expert of this course, Dennis Taylor, teaches how to use this powerful application to organize and analyze data efficiently. Firstly, he starts by explaining Excel for office 365. In this chapter, he teaches the usage of quick access to the toolbar, shortcut means, and understanding of workbooks and worksheets. In the next chapter, he discusses the formulas and functions with their usage. The next chapter includes adjusting the worksheet layout and Data. Other lessons covered charts, adjusting worksheet views, multiple worksheets, and Data management features. The last chapter includes sharing workbooks, where he explains protecting worksheets and workbooks, sharing workbooks, and tracking change.

Highlights of this Course

Chapter- This course includes 11 chapters

Time– 2 hours 17 minutes

Category- Business / Professional Development

Instructor- Dennis Taylor

Member- 1,166,255 members enrolled for this course

Fees- It is free for one month

6. Learning Video Production and Editing

Why it is best- This is one of our best-picked learning courses, as this learning path guides you to follow your passion through filming. In recent times maximum youth taking an interest in making videos, YouTubing, editing, etc.

Learning Video Production and Editing

Course detail- The curator of this course, Rob Garrott, guides you with all the essentials, from the craft of storytelling and editing, color correction, sound design, usage of lighting and shooting, etc. He introduces this course to the learning process of creating professional videos. Then Rob dives into Video production and editing, which discusses various types of videos. He explains the importance of preproduction, the usage of lighting, and shooting techniques. Finally, he shows how to create stories with editing. This course ends with finishing your video with color correction, graphics, and sound. By the end of this course, you’ll have a good handle on what it takes to make a quality video.

Highlights of this course

Chapter- This course includes only 1 chapter

Time– 18 minutes 54 seconds

Category- Creative/ Technical

Instructor- Rob Garrott

Member- More than 55,540 members enrolled for this course

Fees- It is free for one month

7. Online Marketing

Why it is best- We consider this course best for marketing as the learning feature of this course guides you through building a connection with your customer and promoting your product.

Online Marketing - Best LinkedIn learning Courses

Course Detail- The instructor of this course, Brad Batesole, curated it so one can learn the process step by step. In the introduction, he teaches the art of connecting with customers online. Then he moves toward explaining digital marketing and how to start with it. At the primary level, Brad starts by discussing the building blocks of online marketing. This also includes the creation of a buyer journey map. Next, he shows how to develop a marketing strategy. Identification of your target market is clearly explained, and how to establish goals. Next, he deep dives into the key concepts of Digital marketing. Then he moves on by explaining Digital marketing on different social media platforms. This course creates an opportunity to break through the clutter, attract new customers, and evolve.

Highlights of this course

Chapter- This course includes only 13 chapters

Time– 2 hours 9 minutes

Category- Business

Instructor- Brad Batesole

Member- Almost 212,899 learners enrolled for this course

Fees- It is free for one month

8. Financial Basics Everybody Should Know

Why It Is The Best: This course is one of the best course on LinkedIn. Very popular and the instructor of this course is Michael McDonald.

Financial Basics Everyone Should Know

Course Detail: Michael McDonald, The instructor of this course is a very well know personality and has offered his advise to firms on how on valuation issues, capital allocation, and capital investments, to take the business to the next level. He also has been citied by the Wall Street Journal.

This course covers financial basics which will come very handy for businesses and for individuals use. You will learn things such as ‘how to save for your retirement’ & things you need to know about financial industry. You will learn a lot important things through this course such as ‘How insurance functions’, Different types of ways you can invest and much more.

Highlight Of The Course

Chapter: This course includes only 4 Chapters.

Time: 1 hour 17 mins

Category: Finance

Instructor: Michael McDonald 

Member: 219,497 learners have enrolled for this course

Fees: It’s free for one month 

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Conclusion: Best LinkedIn Learning Courses (2024)

To know more, sign in to LinkedIn for a free trial for the first month. You can choose more than course one course to achieve your excellence. In addition, LinkedIn provides more than 15,000 courses.

And to make this process easy, we picked the 7 most popular LinkedIn courses from various fields to help you get your expertise in your preferred area. All these courses are audiovisual, which offers you the flexibility of time.

Enrolling in online certification classes to obtain qualifications that will increase your value at work would be best. These credentials are an investment in your future career. 

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