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Making the right decision while selecting a college program can change your life. You can make a good living, spend the remainder of your career working in the sector you love, and gain respect from potential employers. 

The majority of students are drawn to double majors for this reason. While some students decide against a double major in favor of an internship, a career-bridging program, or voluntary work in a certain industry. 

Nothing can match the perks of a double major. Not to forget that most of us mistakenly believe that dual and double majors are the same. 

Therefore, we extensively studied this subject to answer all of your questions about double majoring in this article.

So let’s get straight into the article now!

What Do You Mean By A Double Major?

A double major means having two majors in one degree, i.e., earning credentials in two different areas of study in the same bachelor’s degree

For instance, you study business management and sociology but get rewarded with a single bachelor’s degree in both these majors. 

A double major helps you broaden your knowledge in different but related disciplines. 

Furthermore, if you want to pursue a double major, you will have to go to the academic advisor of both majors. 

When you apply for a double major, you are likely to get related majors. However, you earn a degree with unrelated majors in a few cases. 

Double Major VS Dual Major: How Is It Different? 

A double degree and a dual degree have key differences in credentials. In a double major, you earn a single degree with two majors, as explained above. 

On the other hand, in a dual degree, you earn two separate degrees with two majors. 

The key difference in these degrees is the relativity of majors, whereas, in the double degree, you earn a degree related to majors

While in the dual degree, the majors you opt for are completely unrelated to each other. 

What Is A Double Major - Overview

For instance: If you do a double major, your majors might be economics and business, i.e., you get majors in related fields. 

However, if you plan to do a dual degree, then your majors might be a bachelor’s in commerce and a bachelor’s in science. 

The credentials required for a double degree are around 120, whereas, for a dual degree, you need around 150-250 credentials, depending on your university. 

Students who have an interest in diverse disciplines (for example, nursing and arts) should opt for a dual major. Similarly, if you want to expand your knowledge in related subjects should pursue a double degree.

Eligibility Requirements For Double Major

A bachelor’s degree requires 120 credit hours. Similarly, depending on your university, a double major requires 120 credentials or more. 

These 120 credits are divided into subcategories, as explained below.

  • 40 (approx) credits for general education 
  • 40-50 credits for major requirements
  • 30-40 elective credits 

Students opting for a double major can complete the second set of majors with elective credits. 

In this case, you can opt for only one set of general education courses, and that will be counted towards both majors. 

Additionally, you will always need an academic advisor to keep a check on the paperwork and other formalities. 

You will have to outline a plan to declare a double major, and in some cases, you will have to submit a statement of purpose to explain why you are willing to do a double major. 

You will always find different eligibility criteria for different universities when you are going for a double major. 

Therefore, visit the official website of your university to check the requirements.

Best Double Major Combinations

A double major is a great option, but don’t forget to find the most lucrative combinations for a double major to enjoy more benefits from this degree. 

While some of us go for combinations like arts and humanities, leading to an unfruitful career, choosing a STEM and business major combination is considered best. 

Considering the technology growth, we recommend going for a STEM and business combination for a double major. 

Additionally, you can also consider these double major combinations.

1. Economics And statistics

Economics and statistics are related to numbers and reasoning. 

If you major in economics and statistics, then your career can bloom in the fields requiring quantitative skills -for example, data science, finance, data statistics, etc.

Economics And statistics

2. Marketing And Communication

Marketing is the future, and marketing can’t be done without communication. 

Therefore, a double major in marketing and communication is demanding in the fields like public relations officer, digital marketing, etc. 

Acquiring marketing analysis, critical thinking, communication, and quick decision-making skills will land you a high-paying job.

Marketing And Communication

3. Economics And Supply Chain Management

In today’s world, where scarcity of resources is a big issue, a double major in economics and supply chain management will help you land a job in the blooming field of procurement departments and operation management. 

With the knowledge of economics, you will learn to deal with scarcity, and supply chain management will inform you about suppliers and products.

4. Accounting And Finance

Accounting and finance complement each other the most. If you know accounts, you will be beneficial in legal fields, and finance will benefit businesses concentrating in regulations. 

Accounting And Finance

Furthermore, the University of Pennsylvania is highly recommended for a double major in accounting and finance.

5. Foreign Language And Political Science

If you see yourself working in a global organization, then majoring in a foreign language will increase your chances of landing your dream job. 

Foreign Language

Additionally, if you do a political science major with a foreign language, your knowledge of history, politics, and economics will increase. 

These skills will allow you to grab a demanding package in both the public and private sectors as a global workforce.

Should I Do A Double Major? (Is Double Major Worth It)

Yes, a double major is a worth-it investment of time and money, but only when you choose a demanding combination. 

With a double major, you will have higher chances of employment, broader career paths, and a demanding salary over a while. 

Look below to understand the pros and cons of doing a double major.


  • A double major helps you stand out amongst your competitors.
  • Your chances of employment are broadened in various career paths.
  • You will receive a handsome salary over time.
  • You are looked at as more hardworking, intelligent, and determined by employers.
  • The double major provides students with quality education and a feeling of accomplishment.


  • Your graduation duration will lengthen.
  • A double major is an expensive degree.
  • Doing two majors increases the chances of a lower CGPA in both.
  • You won’t get time for elective classes.
  • Your college life will be hectic.

Factors To Remember Before Doing A Double Major

Doing a double major is not an easy deed. A double major is a tough degree that can challenge you at every point. 

Apart from tough academics, there are various other factors that students ignore before applying for a double major. 

Make sure you create a checklist of these factors noted below for a less stressful life double major experience. 

  • Research For Double Major Combinations

Always see what career paths interest you, then find the majors complementing that path. 

For instance, if a victim advocate or fraud investigator is your area of interest, then double major in psychology and criminal justice.

  • Financial Aid

As told earlier, a double major is an expensive degree. Therefore, look for universities offering financial aid instead of highly expensive universities.

  • Higher Earning

The majority of students go for higher studies with the motive of getting a high-paying job. 

However, some double majors might end up with just knowledge and facts. 

So make sure you do your research well to find which double major will provide the best salary.

  • Time Management 

Create a schedule before you hop in your classroom. A double major consumes the time and energy of students. 

Therefore, be sure with your credit hours and accordingly create a timetable so you get time for elective classes and your hobbies.

  • AP Credits

Always look if your college accepts AP credits. AP credits will help you save your tuition fee by offering college credit. 

Most students get time for part-time jobs with AP credits, and they also get to take courses that they love.

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Wrapping Up! What Is A Double Major

If you plan to do a double major or just heard it from your friend’s mouth and got curious about it. This article has cleared all your queries, and now it’s time for you to decide! 

A double major will give you a fruitful career but will cost you time and money. In the end, it’s up to your interest and dedication. 

Several universities like Stanford University, the University of Washington, the University of Texas at Austin offer their students double majors. 

Therefore, decide on a university, get financial aid, research a double major combination, and get in touch with your academic advisor to start your double major journey.


How can I declare a double major?

You can declare a double major by completing your minimum credits within the selective department along with a selection of elective classes.

How long will it take to double major?

A double major usually takes 4 years to complete. However, the duration depends on credit hours varying in different universities.

Is a double major helpful for a fruitful career?

Yes, a double major helps you land a more fruitful job in comparison to other common degrees. It also helps you to get an increment in salary over time.

Can I do a double major in master’s?

Yes, there are plenty of colleges offering master’s in double majors.

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