What Time Does The SAT Start? (Time Management Tips)

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SAT is one of the aptitude tests preferred by most students who prefer to complete their undergraduate in the US or Canada. So at What Time Does The SAT Start? SAT begins between 8:30 am and 9 am. The start time of the test depends on how fast the proctor in your examination room reads the instructions. Also, the time taken by all the candidates to fill in their personal information alters the start timing of the test. 

1.7 million students in high school appeared for SAT at least once in the year 2022. 1.5 million of them were from the class of 2021. If you appear for SAT, you surely are competing with millions of students. You need to know all the necessary information beforehand to give your best. 

In the following article, I have listed all the necessary information you need to know regarding SAT test. I have also answered the necessary questions like what time the SAT start, etc.  

At What Time Does the SAT Test Start?

The doors for the SAT exam open at exactly 7:45 am. The candidates are expected to take their seats before 8 am. The entrance doors close at 8 am. No candidate is allowed to enter the examination center once the gates are closed. 

After the students enter the examination room, the invigilators will take all the electronic devices owned by the students and check the students. If you are carrying an SAT calculator, you muscat get approval beforehand. 

The invigilator will distribute the test materials to the candidates once the students are seated in their seats. They are expected to read the instructions before starting the test. After the exam is started, the invigilator will announce the end time of the test. A warning is given before the 5 minutes of the end time. 

How long is the SAT test?

The timing for SAT test is usually 3 hours. If you have opted for an essay, you will get an extra 50 minutes. The essay is an optional part of the SAT exam. However, 57% of the students opt for the essay. 

Many experts report that essay is not a prerequisite for many colleges and can be eradicated in the future. Apart from that SAT includes three sections, reading, writing, and Mathematics. 

In the 3-hour time span, candidates are expected to complete a total of 154 questions. The scoring of the test ranges from 400 to 1600 points. In the following table, I have listed the sections in the SAT test and the time it requires. 

QuestionsSectionTime RequiredScore
52Reading65 min200-800
44Writing35 minCalculated along with reading
38 MathematicsSection 1:Without calculator-25 minSection 2: With the help of calculator: 55 min200-800
154Total180 400-1600

When are the breaks given during the SAT test?

SAT test includes various tests to prevent students from over-stressing. The first  break is after the reading section, which is after 65 minutes before starting the test. 

After the break, you will have to complete a reading section of 35 minutes and a maths section of 25 minutes. Candidates get a 5-minute break between the two math sections, which means they can refresh themselves before the 55-minute section of maths. 

If you have opted for the additional essay section, you will get a 2-minute break before the section starts. 

At what time does the SAT end?

SAT exam ends around noon at 12 pm. However, it will end at 1 pm if you are taking the essay section. There isn’t an exact end time as there is no starting time. 

what time does the SAT end

The timing of the exam may change, so don’t expect to leave the examination room exactly at noon. 

How to Manage Time During SAT Tests

SAT tests

Here are a few tips to manage your test timing. 

  1. Carry a simple watch with you to keep track of time. This will help you to set targets for each question and section. 
  1. Make a point to practice with enough of the mock tests to know the pattern of the questions that will be under each section in the test. 
  1. You must know the tricks and hacks to solve the questions easily and in lesser time. 
  1. Make a point to read all the instructions in each section beforehand. 
  1. Read the questions and options attentively before solving them. 
  1. You may skip the questions that are hard for you and come back to them later. 
  1. SAT has no negative marking system. You can attempt all the questions even if you are unsure about the answers. 
  1. Underline the important pointers while you read the passage and comprehension. 
  1. Dedicate more time to difficult questions at the end and solve the easy problems in lesser time. 
  1. Carefully understand the topic for the essay and allot a few minutes for brainstorming. Prepare an outline with supporting comments and scenarios. 
  1. Answer easy questions first and then leave time for the harder ones. 
  1. Conquer your weak points with the help of mock tests and what to Carry on the test day.

Now that you are familiar with the test timing and sections of the SAT. You might be in confusion about what to carry on the test day. 

Here are a few things that you need to carry with you to the examination center

  1. Your admission ticket for the SAT exam.
  1. Your photo ID. 
  1. No.2 Pencils and eraser.
  1. A simple watch. 
  1. Calculator. 
  1. Extra batteries for your calculator. 
  1. Water and some snacks for the break. 

Here are a few things that you must avoid carrying during the test. 

  1. Electronic devices. 
  2. Highlighters, pens, and other stationery. 
  3. Other tools. 

Things to take care of before the test begins

Take care of before the test

Let us take a look at the things that you must keep in mind before the test. 

We already know that the doors of the examination center open at 7:45 am and close at 8 am. Make a point to reach the test before 7:45 am. You will encounter a great crowd early in the morning, and that can be exhausting.  I would recommend you to find a silent corner with no or fewer people and try to calm yourself down. You can practice deep breathing exercises to make your mind and body active. 

Do not talk to candidates out there before the test, as this may add to your panic and test anxiety. Make sure to know all the necessary information and your exam room beforehand in place of getting lost and landing up late I n your examination room. 

Preparations to be made before the test day

While preparing for your SAT exam on the next day, the most important thing is to sleep early. Prepare yourself mentally for the next day and try to be in the best mental health possible. 

Sleeping early will relax your mind and body and will help you to wake up early and on time in the morning. Avoid studying one day before the test. It will just stress you out and won’t be of any help. Try to have a relaxing day and prepare your mind for the next day. 

In the morning, leave your house plenty of time before the door of the examination center opens. Avoid being late and rushing to the examination center, as it will disturb your mental balance before the test. 

Pack all the things that you need to carry to the examination center before you sleep. Also, measure the amount of time that you will need to reach the center in order to avoid rushing. 

If your examination center is far away or in another city, travel to the place one or two dates before the examination. 

Pandemic Safety Procedures – What Time Does The SAT Start

Check out the guidelines of your test center on their website.  Most of the test center is still requiring masks, while your center may not require them. Make sure to carry a mask if you aren’t sure about the guidelines at your center. Check out the website if there are any additional requirements and crucial entry requirements. 

Try practicing social distancing at all times at the test center. Before entering the test center, be prepared to answer all your questions about your health. If you are sick on the day of the examination, stay at home. You won’t be charged to change the date of your exam due to sickness. You can contact customer service if you face any issues with the process. 

Wrapping Up on What Time Does The SAT Start

That’s all about the SAT exam. I hope that you have received answers to your curiosities and doubts. 

Preparing for SAT is quite a challenging task. It takes a lot of hard work to prepare for the examination and clear it with good points. The test day will surely make you nervous after all the hard work that you have done. It will be best to reach the examination center before time to avoid chaos and stress during your test. 

If I have missed any important information, you can add them in the comment section. I usually keep updating my articles and will surely add your comments. If you still have some queries related to the CAT examination, you are free to ask in the comment section. I will surely address them. 

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