What Is a Good SAT Score for Ivy League Admissions?

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Every student aspiring to get into an Ivy League institute has to give a Scholastic Aptitude Test, also known as SAT. The SAT score of every individual rangeş from 400 to 1600. It is the sum of two section scores which includes Mathematics and Evidence-based reading and writing (EBRW). Every section takes into account the scale of  200-800 in 10-point increments. 600 is considered to be a good score in both Mathematics and EBRW.

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However, it is important to note here that SAT scores are just one metric that colleges take into account. A good SAT score indicates that the aspirant is a voracious reader with appreciable comprehension skills and it also highlights their intelligence in terms of solving Mathematical equations but that is not all to get into an Ivy League College. Admission officers also give much importance to the extracurriculars, work experience, grades, and athletics of the aspirant. Thus, only a perfect SAT score will not guarantee admission into an Ivy League College.

Average SAT Score To Get Into Ivy League Colleges:

The average acceptable SAT score for the year 2021 in some of the most sought-after Ivy League colleges has been around 1460-1580 and the acceptance rate has been around 5.0%. Students who are trying to get into Ivy League colleges should try to score around the 75th percentile or the highest end of the middle 50%. Needless to say, the Ivy League colleges have a very low acceptance rate and therefore every aspirant must aim to exceed the score of the vast majority of students. The essays written by students play an extremely important role and are highly influential in the process of getting them admitted into their dream Ivy League college. Therefore, the aspirants must put a lot of focus on their essays and seek Letters of Recommendation from honorable scholars.

Ivy League Colleges

It is important to talk a bit more about the average SAT scores of some of the most prestigious Ivy League colleges in the world and here is a list of them.

SchoolSAT Middle 50% scoreAcceptance Rate
Brown University1480-15605.5%
Columbia University1510-15603.9%
Cornell University1450-15408.7%
Harvard University1460-15805.0%
Princeton University1450-15704.4%

COVID-19 has influenced all the different spheres of our lives, and education is one of those sectors that suffered the most during the lockdown period. Therefore, on account of the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the most highly selective programs do not require students to submit their test/ SAT scores. It is to be noted that all the Ivy League universities will continue to abide by their test-optional policies for the application cycle. Now, as the SAT scores are not being given much importance, the students should compare their scores with the average SAT scores and conclude whether or not their results will be an asset or obstacle.

Best Courses To Improve Your SAT Score

If you want to get into Ivy League colleges, then you will need all the help you can get. Here I have mentioned the best SAT courses that you should consider enrolling in to increase your score.

1. Magoosh SAT

Magoosh uses a quite unique approach to teaching. The instructor creates slides and then gives a voiceover in those slides explaining everything. Depending on your choice, this course can cost you from $129 to $399.

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2. Kaplan SAT

Kaplan prefers quality over quantity, which is why it is considered the best SAT prep course. They use a simple video format to teach their students and also offer hard-copy resources. Depending on your choice, this course can cost from $899 to $1599.

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3. Princeton Review SAT

The Princeton Review instructors ensure you understand every lesson before moving forward to the next. This approach is much better for those who need extra attention in preparing for SAT. This course can cost you up to $849.

These are the three best SAT prep courses that can help you take your score up.

4. Khan Academy –

Khan Academy is the most affordable one out of all. With the quality Khan Academy delivers, its hard to be believe that its free of cost. It is an official SAT Prep Program of College Board. Students can simply create and account and log in to access video lessons, questions and official test.

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Conclusion – What Is a Good SAT Score for Ivy League

To be precise, one should submit their score to test-optional schools and if it exceeds the median score, it would not be a problem for them to get into the Ivy League.

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