Skillshare Discount Code 2024 – Exclusive 30% off

SkillShare Discount Code

Are you searching for a Skillshare Discount Code? Don’t worry. We have made your work easier. 

SkillShare is a well-known e-learning platform. It offers a variety of creative courses and classes taught by experts. The platform is usually used by students to learn a new skill or master some technology. Skill Share has it all, no matter what you want to learn. 

Skillshare is known for its well-created courses and ease of use. It is suitable for everyone who wishes to learn photography, film, video, animation, creativity, illustration, graphics, crafts, plants, and self-care. 

It doesn’t offer discount codes very often. However, after teaming up with Skillshare, we managed to get a few discount codes for our readers. You can get up to 50% off on the plans. 

In this article, we have mentioned a few Skillshare discount codes and a detailed step-by-step guide on how to claim them. We have also made a point to list the pricing plans for you to compare and select the right plan according to your requirements. 

Let’s get started. 

Available Skillshare discount code

Currently, we have three discount codes available for Skillshare plans. 

One month free of Skillshare:

If you are a new user, you will get unlimited access to all the courses available on Skillshare for one month.  

30% off on 1st year of Skillshare:

You will get 30% off on the annual plan of Skillshare for the first year. You can avail of this discount for the first year automatically through the official website of Skillshare. 

Note: These Skillshare coupon codes are available for a limited time. We keep updating the post once the new coupon codes are available and if the old ones expire. 

How to claim a Skillshare discount code

You have the discount codes available to you. Once you have decoded which discount code to prefer, it’s time to claim it. In order to claim the discount codes, you can follow these steps. 

1. Visit skillshare Website

Visit the official website of Skillshare.  


2. sign in

If you are a new user, sign up and create a new account. If you already have an account created, sign In using your credentials. 

Skillshare Sign in

3. 30% off for one year

Click on the avatar icon situated at the upper right side of your screen. Click on Account settings. 

Skillshare Account

4. payments

Click on Payments. 

5. start your free trial

You will get your options depending on which phase you are in. Click on the link to start a free trial. If you have completed your free trial, click ‘visit membership page.’ 

6. enter the code

On the next page, select ‘Enter Gift Card’ or ‘Discount Code.’ 

SkillShare Discount Code - Skillshare Discount Code

7. verify the details

Enter your discount code in the provided space. Check whether the plan and payment detail are correct. 

8. complete the process

Click on start membership and complete the process. 

Once your payment is completed, you will have successfully claimed the discount code. 


  1. Discount codes are not applicable for future recurring payments. 
  2. Learners are eligible to apply one discount code per membership. 
  3. You cannot combine multiple coupon codes. 
  4. If another discount code is already applied, enter the discount code, or the gift card field may not appear. 

Now let’s have a detailed look at the skillshare pricing. 

Skillshare pricing plans – Skillshare Discount Code

After you complete a trial of 1 month, you will have to choose from two plans for further learning. 

The plans available on Skillshare are

Individual Plans: Skillshare Discount Code

Lets look in to the Individual Plans

1. Monthly Plan

The monthly subscription will cost you $32 per month. You will get unlimited access to 35,000+ online courses. 

You will also be able to download classes into your iOS or Android devices for offline learning. 

If you avail of a discount code for 30% off, the monthly plan will be available for just  $22.40 per month. 

2. Annual Plan

The Annual subscription is available at $167.88 per year. You will be able to save approximately 50% per month while using an annual subscription. 

An annual subscription also provides you unlimited access to all the courses available on the platform. Moreover, you will be able to download classes for offline viewing on your mobile devices as well. 

If you get a 30% discount on the Annual plan, you will have to pay just $117.60 for the yearly plan. 

Furthermore, once you have purchased an annual membership plan, you will get to enjoy a few perks offered by Skillshare for their Annual members. 

These perks include a variety of creative services and products. You may get discounts on products like Adobe Premiere Pro, Squarespace, etc. Also, they may provide you with a 3-month free or 6-month free usage of Todoist, Invision, Canva, etc. 

Annual Membership Perk - Skillshare Discount Code

Skillshare for teams: Skillshare Discount Code

Skillshare teams help you to purchase skillshare subscriptions in bulk for your team or organization. You will be able to manage your team from one place. 

Presently there are three plans available for the teams on Skillshare: 

1. Starter plan:

  • In this plan, you can add up to 19 team members. 
  • You will be charged $159 per user annually. 
  • unlimited access to 35,000+ classes for each user. 
  • A personalized experience for each team member. 
  • You can avail of features like casting, offline classes, etc. 

2. Enterprise Plan:

  • You will get all the benefits available in the starter plan. 
  • Can add team members between the range of 20 to 50 members.
  • Personalized class lists. 
  • You will get access to a dedicated customer success manager. 

3. Revive Plan:

  • You will get all the benefits available in the starter plan. 
  • Can add a team of 51+ members. 
  • Will receive support for the onboarding process and engagement of team members. 
  • Reports and analyses of team members will be done two times per week. 
Skillshare for teams - Skillshare Discount Code

Is there a free membership for Skillshare? – Skillshare Discount Code

Skillshare does not offer a free membership. However, you get a free trial for one month. 

You can enjoy one month of free access to unlimited courses on Skillshare. You will have to cancel the trial before the month ends. If not cancelled, then you will be charged according to your selected plan. 

SkillShare Membership - Skillshare Discount Code

If it sounds unfair to you, even Skillshare promotes using the free trial and cancels it before the paid plan starts. 

On the other hand, Skillshare offers free one-month access for every new referral joint. If you gather at least 11 students of friends and refer them to Skillshare and ask them to create an account using your referral code, you will get one year of free Skillshare plan benefits, including your 1-month free trial. That’s a smart way to save your money and take advantage of Skillshare. 

That’s how Skillshare offers free classes for one month for all new users. Cancel anytime before the paid plan starts, and Voila! You won’t be charged. 

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Conclusion on Skillshare Discount Code

So that’s all we have on the Skillshare discount code. Skillshare has abundant creative classes in various niches to cater to your requirements. The courses are short and to the point. 

You will be able to find the courses in categories like advertising, entrepreneurship, business, design, film, video, fashion, style,  drink, food, music, gaming, photography, technology, writing, publishing, social media, etc. 

If you have just started with the platform, you can use our discount codes to receive at least 30% of the discount on yearly and monthly plans. Apart from that, you can purchase any plan and avail 1-month free Skillshare trial. 

The discount codes will be available for a limited time period. Hence, make sure to take advantage of the coupon codes before they are out of service. 

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