Becker CPA Review 2024: Is It The Best For You?

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Are you preparing for the CPA exam? You might have undoubtedly come across the Becker CPA review course. Don’t worry; we have expertized and listed all the features of the Becker CPA course. 

Becker CPA covers all the details required to understand the concepts. The platform’s best feature is simulated exams that provide a realistic exam experience. 

Moreover, the resources provided by the platform help you with all the required preparations. 

With that, let us take a detailed look at all the features available on the portal and how you can take advantage of the resources. 

Becker CPA Review 2024: In a Nutshell

Before we begin, let us glimpse of Becker CPA Review and what it offers students. 

Becker has helped more than a million students ace their CPA exams. The best features of Becker are its study materials. The comprehensive prep materials and the video lectures. The lectures are well coordinated and synchronized with the digital textbooks. 

They provide you with unlimited practice resources to excel in the practice. The live lectures make learning efficient. The instructors are experts at the concepts and make the learning engaging. 

Becker provides three learning plans: advantage, premium, and pro. You can choose the packages according to your needs. 

Becker CPA Review: Overview

Becker CPA Review

Becker provides you with 750+ on-demand video lessons, 90+ hours of live lectures, 9000+ practice problems, 12 simulated exams, and well-organized prep books. The study material is the most attractive and influential part of the Becker CPA course. 

You will also find that the content is fresh and clear. The all-around availability of the material makes Becker better than the competitors. 

Becker CPA Key Features

Let’s have a quick look at the features of Becker CPA

  • Becker has a mobile app that promotes flexibility in the learning process. 
  • They send you the hard copy versions of the preparation books.
  • Digital Textbook synching. 
  • Learning technology that includes Adapt2U.
  • The Academic support is unlimited.
  • You will receive an interactive study planner
  • Becker provides digital flashcards that make learning easy. 

Becker CPA: Pricing

Becker CPA provides you with three packages. You can choose the plans that will align with your needs and budget. Moreover, the packages include different benefits according to the prices. 

Advantage (Basic)$ 2,499
Premium$ 3,099

Let us take a look at what each plan has to offer you:

1. Advantage (Basic):

  • 24-month access. 
  • You will receive print and digital textbooks as well as flashcards. 
  • The course includes 4 part self-study review.

2. Becker CPA Premium Plan

  • Unlimited access to Beckers self-study courses. 
  • Student support.
  • 7400 multiple choice questions. 
  • 500+ task-based simulations. 
  • Live online classroom access.
  • Advantage plan benefits.

3. Becker CPA Pro Plan 

  • Covers the benefit of Advantage and premium plans. 
  • 1100 Multiple Choice Questions. 
  • Live coaching.
  • five one-hour sessions with a personal tutor
  • 1 year CPE course subscription

Becker CPA: Course

I was highly impressed by the Backers courses at first. You will find the syllabus of the course to the point and clean. I felt that their lessons and practice works helped me a lot in the preparation process. 

You will find many learning modules that will help you to build a strong foundation. The courses are broken down into exam sections.  They include video lectures, practice questions, MCQ questions, and simulations. 

The video lectures cover all the basics of the topic and concept. It follows the preparation book, Beckers.  

Becker CPA: Study Material

You get a digital copy of the textbook to go through during the lectures. The textbook is appropriately formatted and makes learning easier. In the verbal lectures, the instructor highlights and underlines the textbook and helps you to make notes.

Once you complete the lectures, your knowledge about the topic you just learned will be tested with the help of a practice test and the MCQ questions. In the end, you will get a detailed analysis of your tests and a lesson review.  

The study method and materials help you learn and remember the concepts and topics efficiently. 

Becker CPA: Live Classes

The live classes are offered for the pro and premium package learners. You will get the extra benefit of the side tips and tactics that excellent not included in the lectures. 

Live classes make learning highly efficient. As the lectures are not scripted, instructors help you by pointing out important parts and explaining the difficult topics in depth. This makes the learning process more flexible. 

If you are a procrastinator, live classes will surely help you to stay on track. They will surely provide extra time to revise and retain the concepts. 

Becker CPA: Books

The books are the most important material when preparing for the exam. The Becker provides you with preparatory textbooks in digital as well as hardcopy format. 

The quality of the books is commendable. I personally found the books to be well aligned and formatted. The books provide you with proper details and insights on the subtopics and the topics included in the exams. 

The platform provides you with different books for each subject. You will in total, receive four books for Audit, REG, FAR, and BEC.  

The book is divided into various sections starting from the basic concept, important concepts, and advanced information. Moreover, the book is well designed and contains the necessary graphics.

Becker CPA: Practice Material

 The platform has more than 9000 MCQ questions with more than 400+ simulations. I was not able to finish all the practice questions due to their quantity. However, I found that the quality of the practice sets was commendable. 

You will find the explanations of all the problems after clicking show solution. But the window that opens to show the solutions is extremely small to read the content. I found it annoying to resize the window repeatedly. 

One of the features I liked about the platform is that it provides you with a custom Quiz generation tool. It will generate a quiz based on the choices you made. 

Above all, the practice material is quite good and better than other platforms. 

Becker CPA: Exams

Becker provides you with simulated exams. The questions in the exams are new with every test. The quality and the level of the questions are great to prepare the students for the final test. 

Becker CPA-Exams

You will get three simulated exams in each section. The exams help you to boost your preparation and make to ready for the final fight. 

Becker CPA: User Interface

A clean user interface gives a bonus point to Becker. You will find that the interface is beginner friendly and properly organized. They have used a neat look for the portal making it more attractive.

I found the graphics to be eye-catchy. The look of the website is clutter free and professional. They have spent on the functionality of the portal and also focused on the study materials. You will surely get a high-end experience while using the platform. 

The navigation bar on the left will direct you to the required study materials. The dashboard will land you on the desired module, study planar. Practice sessions and other resources. 

Becker CPA: Pros

  • You will get access to online forums.
  • You get assistance in learning from the expert. 
  • 14-day free trial
  • Self-paced lectures as well as live lectures.
  • The study material is convenient. 
  •  The simulations give you a realistic experience.
  • Interactive lectures make the learning effective.

Becker CPA: Cons

  • Doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee.
  • The live lectures are not correctly scheduled.
  • It is expensive compared to other courses. 
  • A lot of study material makes it hard for the learners to complete them.

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Is Becker CPA really worth it? (Honest Opinion)

Becker has a good curriculum structure with a detailed explanation of the concepts. However, I found that some topics have been explained in extreme depth, increasing the length of the lesson and making it confusing.  

Apart from that, the teaching method used is extremely effective. The live synchronization of digital textbooks while teaching makes it easier to understand and learn. The professors highlight the important details and underline the important points. They also make notes on the side of the textbooks. This made me feel as if someone was explaining the textbook point to point to me, like in my school days. 

The simulated exams help the learners to adapt to the exam environment and increase their confidence. The study materials are fresh and on point. The preparatory books are updated from time to time and are well organized. They are great for strategizing your studying and making it easy to learn. 

On the other hand, I found that the plans of the becker are expensive. If you are tight on budget, it is surely not a good option for you. You will find the seasonal discounts on their portal. So do remember to keep an eye on them as it is worth it. 

Above all, I would surely recommend the Beckers CPA course if you are very serious about your CPA exam. It will no doubt provide you an edge over others. The study materials will undoubtedly contribute to your excellence, making it easier to understand the topics.

FAQs: Becker CPA Review

Is Becker CPA Review worth it?

Yes, the Becker CPA review is worth it. They have excellent study material. They have helped millions of students to excel at the CPA exams. 

What is Becker’s CPA pass rate?

According to Becker, the estimated pass rate is between 45-55%. The AICPA publishes the cumulative pass rates section-wise every year. 

Does Becker help with CPA?

Becker is a great choice to excel in CPA exams. They help the students with their study material to efficiently understand the concepts. 

Which is the hardest of the CPA exams?

The most challenging CPA exam is the Financial Accounting and Reporting(FAR).

How many people pass all 4 CPA exams first try?

Only 20% of the students passed all four exam parts on the first try. The exams are difficult for the students, requiring various attempts to pass all four exams. 

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