12 Working Ways To Motivate Yourself To Study (2023)

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Let’s be honest with each other we all need to know How to Motivate Yourself to Study! You might have a pile of assignments or a mountain of chapters to complete and yet zero motivation to complete. Well, I must tell you are not alone in feeling that way.

A few months ago, I was also in your shoes. I was facing a problem concentrating on my studies. Then I started using some methods, Tips, and tricks, which worked for me well. I will show you the techniques to motivate yourself to study.

The Best Methods to Motivate Yourself – How to Motivate Yourself to Study

Here we have explained in this guide the best methods to motivate yourself.

1. Start with the easiest chapter

Always start with the easiest chapter. It will provide you with enough motivation to move forward. Try and commit to only one task at a time, but do not invest long hours. Instead, aim for a shorter assignment and try to accomplish it.

How to Motivate Yourself to Study - Start With Easiest Chapter

Tips: After completing every chapter or assignment, try to note it down in your diary. Every time you feel distracted, have a look at your accomplishments. It will help you stay motivated.

2. Meditation

Meditation helped me to stay motivated and refreshed. It helped me to rejuvenate my mind by bringing clarity and focus. Mediation will strengthen your creative mentality and flourish by taking inspiration from yourself.


Tips: It is not necessary to meditate every morning. Whenever you feel stressed or have anxiety, sit for 5 minutes to meditate. And keep reminding yourself why you want to meditate.

3. Give Your Mind Refreshment

Giving yourself a break from long-term study is very important. Break the monotonous routine. Sitting for a longer time and struggling to stay attentive is not a good idea. Instead, try to make it productive, even for a short period.

Tips: Take a cold shower/ go for a walk outside/ listen to good music/ wash your face to prevent sleepiness/ talk with your close ones, and try to share your thoughts or emotions.

4. Study with Your Friends

Sometimes you can call your friend to study together. Instead of making it a party, try to take it as a competition. Companionship can make this method more interesting.

Tips: This method will help you to create a competitive mentality. This method eventually helped me finish my paper within time in the exam hall.

5. Reward Yourself for Studying

Try to bind yourself in a condition. For example, treat yourself after finishing a task or a chapter. You can reward yourself by having good food, or you can watch your favorite Netflix show.

Tips: Rewarding method will accelerate the process of learning and stay motivated.  

6. Remember Your Goals Always

Refrain from getting distracted by remembering the consequences. Instead, try to remind yourself of what will happen if you cannot perform better. And, if you do score well, you shall make your parents proud and receive praise.

Remeber Your Goals Always

Tips: Keep a picture in your phone’s wallpaper related to your goal. Put a motivating poster in front of the wall so that it is the last thing you see before your day ends and the first thing you see after waking up.

7. Locus of Control

Locus of control is an act of opposing external force. 

Every successful person is born with the same physical material. The only difference is they know how to control your mental capabilities. It is because they did both the hard work and smart work simultaneously.

Tips: You are in grave danger if you believe an external force controls your destiny. Always believe it is you who can change your future.

8. Pomodoro Technique

It is a fragmented method where – you break your task for a short time. You can customize the study and repeat it thrice or four times according to your priority.

  1. Identify the task
  2. Study for 25 minutes
  3. Take a break for 5-10 minutes
  4. Repeat

Tips: Avoid looking at the clock repeatedly; Set an alarm every 25 minutes.        

9. Maintain Distance from Social Media

In this digital era, the biggest distraction is social media. The more time you invest in gadgets, the more you become stressed. Therefore, I highly recommend you distance yourself from social media, especially during exam time.

Maintain a Distance From Social Media

Tips: Deactivate your social media account/ give your phone to your parents during study time.

10. Try to Understand why you Procrastinate

Most people tend to procrastinate. It is prevalent among teenagers and adults alike. The most effective way to solve this is to think about more important things to do. For example, think about the most challenging chapter you need to finish. 

Tips: Instead of feeling negative, try understanding the reason behind your procrastination. And act accordingly.

11. Challenge Yourself

It is the final step. After a weak of applying the above-mentioned methods:

  1. Start challenging yourself.
  2. Take yourself out of your comfort zone.
  3. Start doing the most unlikeable things.

Tips: It is not mandatory to start with the most challenging chapter. Do the work that you hate the most. If you don’t like making your bed, do it.

12. Get A Motivational Poster

You can get yourself a motivational poster and place it right on top of your study table. Make sure the poster has a positive message. It can be some quote or something will push you harder every time you feel tired or demotivated.

Conclusion: How to Motivate Yourself to Study (2023)

Remember, these are the methods to motivate yourself to study. I followed these methods for 21 days, which eventually became a habit. Once my examination results were out, I was astonished to find a significant improvement. 

But in the end, you are in power to decide your future. So always believe in yourself and don’t question your ability. 

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Frequently Asked QuestionsHow to Motivate Yourself to Study

How to study effectively seven days before exams?

Try to maintain a routine.
Instead of panicking, start revising the chapters one by one
Start with the easy chapters the move towards the difficult one
Make keynotes

How to make studying a habit?

Follow the methods mentioned above continuously for 20-21 days.
Try to study at a fixed time every day.

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