Magoosh SAT Prep Review 2024: A Comprehensive Analysis

Magoosh SAT Review

Looking for an unbiased Magoosh SAT Prep Review? We got you. In today’s highly competitive world, excellent SAT scores mean everything for students aiming to secure admission to their dream colleges. But with the vast syllabus and the numerous resources available to prepare, students often find themselves in a fix.

This is where Magoosh comes in with its SAT Prep program. Magoosh offers its users the flexibility to learn and prepare for the exam in a structured and efficient manner.

Their SAT Prep program is highly affordable and provides students with comprehensive study materials, strategies, and test-taking tips to help them excel in the SATs.

In this Magoosh SAT Prep review, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of the program and evaluate if it’s worth the investment for students looking to ace the SATs.

Magoosh SAT Reviews: In A Nutshell

You can easily prepare for the SAT when Magoosh SAT has your back. 

Be it your first attempt at SAT or vigorous preparations for months, Magoosh SAT can mold you by offering compelling lessons via video content and sectional modules.

While at Magoosh SAT, you can revise your learning by taking up more than 1000 practice questions to grasp the teaching and practice it fully. 

The tutors in Magoosh SAT are right by your side, not literally but through a click. So, for instance, if you get stuck in a specific section, the experts at Magoosh SAT can help.

Magoosh SAT Review: Overview

You no longer have to settle for poor studying strategies because only 99th-percentile instructors lead Magoosh SAT, so you are promised insightful tips.

Magoosh SAT breaks the stereotype of boring UI and has a popping interface with appealing graphics to motivate you to open the app for studying

Do you have an iPhone or an Android? It doesn’t matter which device you use because Magoosh SAT mobile application is compatible with all devices.

Magoosh Application

In the Magoosh SAT application, you can engage with 450+ flashcards with quick-to-learn materials, so using Magoosh SAT does not demand a PC.

You can find out your SAT scores even before writing the actual SAT. How? Magoosh SAT has a robust data-driven score predictor built within the app.

Lastly, you can get an SAT exam experience by writing up to 3 Magoosh SATs. The good news about taking Magoosh SAT is that you can save a lot of money!

If unsatisfied, use the 7-day money-back guarantee in Magoosh SAT. 

How is the Magoosh SAT Course Curriculum? (My Experience)

It is common that the best learning prep courses either offer self-paced learning or private tutoring, yet Magoosh SAT took a diversion in a different direction. Hear me out.

In Magoosh SAT, the curriculum breakdown is quite intriguing, wherein you get the privilege to choose the desired study material and get going with your preparations. Do I mean any section from the curriculum? Yes – Magoosh SAT has everything!

Being a terrible math student, I had to opt for the mathematical section. All the 99th percentile instructors in Magoosh SAT explained each module precisely. Kudos!

Hold up. It would be best if you noted the context because I got a surprise for you. Using Magoosh SAT, you might not be able to see the instructor but hear them over. The instructors will give voiceovers to the lessons structured by the Magoosh team.

Magoosh Instructors and Prep Experts

Still, I thought I’d see my instructor directing problems on the board using their hands, but unfortunately, I could only see them using red ink to highlight points. Some students might find it a downside, but the explanation was on-point. 

Regarding content, the selection of modules was well-executed because Magoosh SAT was short and digestible. Thank god, there were no hours-long boring lectures.

As an extension, Magoosh SAT has integrated some fun and engaging features.

Magoosh SAT  - Features

You can customize your practice test or take short quizzes after each lesson in Magoosh SAT. Don’t worry. I didn’t have to search and take it separately. 

After I completed the lesson in Magoosh SAT, a quiz tab popped up for an instant revision to be updated with the learning acquired from a specific lesson. 

Alas! I also got an in-depth text and video-based explanations for 1750+ practice questions. Despite taking all the video lessons, these were so helpful for me. 

Lastly, I used the data-driven score predictor and found my results before writing the SAT. After finding the results, I spotted my weakness, hustled harder with Magoosh SAT’s help, and trained myself efficiently. Thanks to Magoosh!

Is there any Private Tutoring In Magoosh SAT?

Although Magoosh SAT promises to deliver the best live classes led by 99th percentile instructors, it cannot replace private tutoring sessions. 

Even if the instructor is taking live classes for many students, they might overlook certain sections that all the students might not have fully understood. 

In such cases, it could be a problem.

Unfortunately, as of now, Magoosh SAT does not provide private tutoring sessions. Still, Magoosh SAT has not updated anything about it on its website. 

Hopefully, Magoosh SAT will be introduced. If it does, the registrations will skyrocket, considering the pricing structure followed in Magoosh SAT. In contrast, Magoosh GMAT offers private tutoring, so there is hope that Magoosh SAT will introduce.

What Makes Magoosh SAT Stand Out?: Magoosh SAT Prep Review

Although Magoosh SAT entered the learning spectrum quite recently, it took over the global market and ran over its competitors faster than ever, but what makes Magoosh so special that most students recommend it for SAT preparations?

Well, I used Magoosh SAT, and even I vouch for Magoosh SAT for some reasons:

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Digestible Content
  • 99th Percentile Instructors
  • Additional Benefits
  • In-Depth Explanation

Let’s talk about it in depth.

1. Affordable Pricing

Any product priced at the lowest might bring in traffic. However, Magoosh SAT took it too seriously and offered its service at an affordable price. This will automatically trigger potential students who are looking for affordable prep courses.

Still, Magoosh keeps the quality despite providing prep courses at a slashed price.

2. Digestible Content

I am not a big fan of hours-long content, so I prefer series over movies. 

Similarly, the bite-sized content in Magoosh SAT quickly grasped and covered relevant information in short video lessons. However, despite producing digestible content in Magoosh SAT, it did not miss out on any valuable points and delivered precise content.

Students who fall asleep after sitting for more than 15 minutes in a class might find Magoosh SAT effective because they can complete multiple lessons in 15 minutes.

3. 99th percentile Instructors

You would not attend a sports class if your math teacher took over instead of your regular coach, right? Likewise, attending a prep course led by 99th-percentile instructors is vital as you are guaranteed experienced teaching.

In Magoosh SAT, all the instructors are 99th percentile, so you can confidently take educational advice from them. In addition, some instructors in Magoosh SAT give out strategic ways to increase your score in the SAT using insightful exam techniques.

You can also get your doubts and queries related to SAT resolved by your instructors.

4. Additional Benefits

We all love bonuses, don’t we? You get something exclusively for your purchase, and I got some fruitful deals in Magoosh SAT. So let me share it with you.

In Magoosh SAT, I got insightful flashcards, a feature to customize practice tests, a data-driven score predictor, quick quizzes per lesson, and resourceful blogs. 

The additional benefits enhanced my learning experience in Magoosh SAT. Although only some of the benefits are inclined to study, some are generally helpful.

5. In-depth Explanation

The one thing I genuinely loved in Magoosh SAT was the text/video-based explanations for each practice question. I repeat each practice question.

Who does that? Magoosh SAT did that. Although you might have observed learning from the video lessons, you might get stuck while taking the practice questions.

Looking at things from a student’s perspective, Magoosh SAT ensures to add an in-depth explanation for each practice question you attend in Magoosh SAT.

Magoosh High Score Guarantee

One of the best features of Magoosh is its high score guarantee. They offer at least 100 points increase guarantee, which means if you don’t get 100 points more in your SATs than your previous score, they will give you your money back.

So before you think this is a great safety net to save your money, hold your horses because there are some requirements you need to meet.

You must have taken SATs before to get this high score guarantee, and you also need to follow the course closely and have taken all the classes.

Magoosh Pricing: Is Magoosh Affordable? (2024)

Magoosh SAT is labeled as the “budget-friendly” SAT prep course. 

I dug a little deeper to find out the benefits of each plan, and Magoosh SAT breaks the stereotype that low budget means low quality. But, yes – it’s true.

Magoosh Pricing Overview

Magoosh SAT has curated two exciting deals: self-study and guided study. Both the plans are premium, but one of the plans offers live classes. Watch out!

Magoosh Self-Study

You can purchase Magoosh Premium at $129 and get 12-month access to up to 200 video lessons, a score predictor, 1750 practice questions, and 3 Magoosh SAT practice tests. You also get a helpful study schedule tailored accordingly. 

Using Magoosh Premium, you are guaranteed 100+ score increases, insightful flashcards, explained practice questions, and instant email support. 

Magoosh Guided Study

A little twist with the Guided Study in Magoosh is that it is the same Magoosh Premium, but you also get live classes, so it is priced at $399. The Magoosh Guided Study gives 1-year access with 16 hours of live instructions. 

The only difference between both plans is the live classes. Still, if you’d like to take lessons in real-time, then the Magoosh Guided Study would be right.

If you need clarification about both the plans in Magoosh, try the 7-day free trial, explore all the features and benefits in Magoosh yourself, and make the final call!

Magoosh SAT Review: 7- Day Free Trail

The 7 day free trail is provided by Magoosh to make sure the students get a clear about what they should be expecting out of the paid version. It has all the paid version features so you can prepare accordingly and know what to expect when you go for the paid version.

Around 30 mins a day will give the student a proper idea whether this course will work for you or not if done consistently.

Magoosh SAT Prep Review: Features

If you are a student and worried about what features you are missing out on paid version. Let me break it to you.

1. Practice Question

With all the videos provided by Magoosh, a student can go through the practice questions in between the videos which are highly customisable. They can set the difficulty, timings, category and much more to improve.

2. Practice Exams

Practice exams or mock up exams are must for every student and their preparation. It helps them prepare better for their main exam while working under the same pressure and time limit. Magoosh SAT recommends students to take 3 exams. Each time with a different pool of questions which will help student get better prepared.

3. UI of Magoosh

The User Interface of Magoosh is one of its great positive aspect. It’s easy and simple to understand to navigate through the course. It has nothing flashy, nothing complicated, only important elements are viewed which will help student’s time. It’s really easy to navigate through the course without much complications.

4. Answer Explanation

The explanation for the answer is what makes Magoosh one of the best study course. All the questions come with a detailed explanation through text which is a great feature for students to understand how to improve. Magoosh is able to explain about 1700 videos in detail which is quite remarkable at a very low cost.

Magoosh SAT Prep Review: Pros & Cons

Although I kept bragging about Magoosh SAT benefits, some downsides were left unnoticed, so I am listing them all below to get a transparent overview.

Magoosh SAT Pros

Lets have a look at Magoosh SAT Pros

  • Affordable price tag.
  • Live classes are available.
  • Short and digestible content.
  • Text and video-based explanations.
  • You can customize your practice test.
  • The option of a 7-day free trial is available to use.
  • Magoosh SAT has an exclusive data-driven score predictor.
  • All the instructors in Magoosh SAT scored 99th percentile.

Magoosh SAT Cons

Lets have a look at Magoosh SAT Cons

  • No hard copies are provided.
  • No private tutoring.
  • Not much practicing.

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Final Thoughts: Magoosh SAT Prep Review (2024)

I am glad I did not waste my money, thanks to Magoosh SAT! 

The quality, the curriculum, the features, and Magoosh SAT, checked out all the boxes. Still, if Magoosh SAT had provided private tutoring, I would have 100% recommended it.

Factors like digestible content and the voiceover-explanation method were foreign and quite interesting to follow. Even the practice questions had solutions by themselves.

What’s more? The score predictor was helpful as I got to analyze my weakness and instantly work on them so that I do not lose on the SAT. You can also track your performance and get going with the progress; Magoosh SAT guides along the way.

To wrap up my review on Magoosh SAT, I’d recommend using the free trial now!

FAQs: Magoosh SAT Prep Review

What is the cost of the Magoosh SAT prep course?

There are two pricing options available on Magoosh SAT. First, the self-paced premium access costs $129, and the guided study premium + live classes access costs $399.

Does Magoosh offer a prep book with the SAT prep course?

No, Magoosh offers no prep book with their SAT prep course. All the course material is available online, and you must access it from the Magoosh website.

Does Magoosh offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Magoosh offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the course material or live sessions, you can email the Magoosh support team for a refund within seven days of the purchase.

What if I want to enroll multiple students for the Magoosh SAT prep course? Do I have to purchase a separate course for each student?

If you want to enroll multiple students for the Magoosh SAT prep course, you will need a separate account for each student. However, they offer discounts when you enroll multiple students at once. You need to contact their support team to get the discount.

Is there a score guarantee on the Magoosh SAT prep course?

Yes, Magoosh offers a guarantee of 100 points increases in your SAT scores from your previous results. However, if you have taken all the live classes and still haven’t been able to get the 100 points to increase your SAT score, then you will be eligible for a complete refund.

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