Princeton Review SAT Review 2022: Is It Right For You?

Princeton Review SAT Prep Review- 2400Expert

Are your SAT preparations getting hard? I have an exciting deal for you!

I used and reviewed Princeton Review SAT, which can elevate and enhance your SAT preparations, guarantee minimum score, and provide study resources in one place.

In this article, I discussed the overview of Princeton Review, the course curriculum Princeton Review follows, the benefits, and its pricing plans. 

In fact, I have shared my honest experience with Princeton Review. Watch out!

Princeton Review SAT: At A Glance

The SAT can be demanding, and the preparation process can be stressful at times, but good online learning courses like Princeton Review SAT can make the learning process go more smoothly. That’s how students opted for SAT prep courses, say!

Princeton Review SAT is the ideal exam package for any student preparing for the SAT at home or during intervals, with features such as structured learning, personalized tutoring, self-paced modules, and comprehensive study resources.

Princeton SAT offers 15+ practice examinations and 2000+ practice problems, unlike its competitors. Isn’t it incredible? That’s a fantastic offer right there!

Princeton Review SAT  - Overview

Princeton SAT also includes a fantastic data-driven progress tracker that makes it easy to understand how well you’ve done so far.

Plus, there’s more. You will gain exclusive hardcopy resources to help you keep up with your learning and the opportunity to participate in live classes given by renowned SAT instructors, signifying that the instructor quality is promising.

Princeton SAT does not cut corners when it comes to taking the SAT online, including their user-friendly interface, which is well-designed and features a simple dashboard. It’s like having your own little cottage.

The Princeton SAT has a mobile that mirrors the practice module from your laptop, which is wonderful news for visual learners who have tight schedules and prefer to take video lessons on the fly.

The Princeton SAT app was decent in my experience, and I would urge you to use it only if you are traveling. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can use the desktop version, which is totally functional.

Last but not least, all Princeton SAT plans include a minimum score guarantee and one full year of access, assuring that you get all the bang for the buck.

My Honest Experience with Princeton Review SAT:

At first, I was hesitant to take the Princeton SAT. Nonetheless, the brief video sessions with outstanding information delivery impressed me, and I became engrossed in consuming more Princeton SAT later.

Typically, prep courses teach concepts through extended lecture-style lessons, but Princeton SAT took a different approach, providing easily digestible content. 

In Princeton SAT, you basically receive a vivid learning experience where the instructor writes on the screen with a marker.

I had the impression that I was receiving in-person SAT tutoring at times since the instruction felt legitimate. The approach is adaptable, letting the instructor keep track and work on illustrations on the whiteboard simultaneously time. 

Princeton SAT Review - Course

There are two studying modules used in the Princeton SAT: one is the learning module, and the other is the practice module, which aids self-study after lessons.

Who doesn’t enjoy some warm-up activities before getting down to business? 

After watching the video lectures, Princeton SAT provides useful drills and tasks. This kind of exercise might help you brush up on the material you’ve already studied and lay a firm ground for the actual SAT.

I was delighted to see that Princeton SAT included a progress tracking option, which enabled me to assess how effectively I used my Princeton SAT tutoring. 

Princeton SAT Review - Live Online

Even the setup was simple; all you had to do was click on the reports page, and you could check your current performance.

The text explanations for the practice questions were an added bonus because they helped me understand the logical components and strategic methods used in problem-solving.

Finally, I had no issues with Princeton SAT, and the studying experience was silky smooth the fact that Princeton SAT has 15+ practice examinations still astounds me.

Does Princeton Review SAT offer Private tutoring?

It is still possible to have a personalized one-on-one session with an instructor despite having the benefit of attending live courses on the Princeton SAT. Continue reading.

Princeton SAT includes an exceptional tutoring option that allows you to receive private instruction from an expert if you do have specific questions or are having difficulty solving particular segments.

You will be directed with strategic approaches for accelerating your exam preparation. What’s more, guess what? Some teachers may also offer helpful suggestions that have helped them pass the SAT.

Princeton SAT Review - Private Tutoring

It is critical to use the tutoring package because you must be completely prepared with no confusion or doubts. And besides, the SAT is a difficult exam. Put faith in me.

Note that even if you did not purchase the tutoring package with Princeton Review SAT, you could still obtain private tutoring for $150 per hour in Princeton Review SAT.

The advantage of taking individual tutoring sessions for the Princeton SAT is that you are not disregarded by the instructor, and their full concentration, time, and dedication are focused on you. 

Princeton Review SAT Score Increase Guarantee

One of the best features of Princeton Review is its score increase guarantee. In all their course formats, they offer a score increase guarantee whether it is SAT, MCAT, GMAT, or any other. The score increase guarantee means that you will get your money back if you don’t get the score they promise. However, there are some requirements and legal fine print that you should not miss before buying a course on Princeton Review.

Princeton Review offers two score guarantee plans for SAT: 1400+ and 1500+. But you must meet course requirements to be eligible for the score increase guarantee. You can’t just expect for 1500+ score guarantee with your previous score benign 1100+. You must have 1200+ to get the 1400+ score guarantee and 1400+ to get the 1500+ score guarantee.

Princeton Review SAT: Resources & Benefits

Normally, with online prep courses, you can enroll for live lessons or pay an extra price to enjoy the live teaching experience, but Princeton SAT might have other plans. 

Let me tell you that Princeton SAT provides you with a complete year of access to the online curriculum. This is great news if you are a slow learner because, usually, SAT prep students do not necessarily need the study materials for a whole year.

In terms of Princeton SAT practice tests, you will be exposed to a large number of exams to write. When I say plenty, I mean a lot of it. 

You’ll have to take anywhere from 15 to 25 tests.

You are not obligated to complete all of the practice exams, but with so much to practice and prepare, you might gain confidence via test writing experience. Because the questions and format are similar to an actual SAT exam, you’ll feel like you’re taking one.

Platforms tend to follow the same path as the digital world advances, but the Princeton SAT is an exception. Unfortunately, you do not get digital SAT books here.

All Princeton SAT courses include at least 18 hours of live instruction. The live lessons at Princeton SAT provided pure edutainment content.

The instructor is entertaining and passionate, despite the fact that they are focused on making the principles easy to understand. At the very least, the lecturer that appeared in my live classes was entertaining.

Pricing: Is Princeton Review SAT Affordable? 

It’s about time that we talk about the pricing plans for Princeton Review SAT. Let’s go.

Before I go any further, let me remind you that Princeton SAT provides both in-person and online services, so no matter what type of student you are, you can benefit from Princeton SAT.

Is it prohibitively expensive? Is it reasonably priced? I’ll get it sorted out for you! I’ve shared all of the plans, discounts, and other details about Princeton SAT prices below. 

Take a seat and carefully make a note of all the packages that Princeton SAT offers.

Princeton Self-Paced SAT

The Princeton SAT self-paced module is available for only $299/- that provides more than 3200 questions, 375 practical activities, and 280 insightful video sessions.

Princeton SAT Review - Pricing

You also gain access to exclusive online tools where you can create study plans and receive a customized study plan to make your SAT preparations go more smoothly.

Princeton SAT Online & In-Person 

You basically get three sub-plans under this specific plan. I have listed them below:

  • SAT 1500+ tutoring – $278 (currently $261/hr) With captivating training, personalized coaching, and on-demand video sessions, you can ensure a 1500+ score. In addition, there are over 25 full-length assessments, personalized private instruction, and hardcopy textbooks.
  • SAT 1400+ – $1749 (currently $1549) assures that you can legitimately achieve a 1400+ minimum score in less than 2 months of training. If you are confused with the other plans, choosing this would be your best bet. 
  • SAT Essentials – $949 (now $849) for three scheduled practice tests, 135+ expert-led video courses, and a fantastic classroom experience. 

You basically get everything you could possibly need to study for the SAT. You can also save on these plans with our Princeton Review promo code here.

What did I Like about Princeton Review SAT?

Princeton Review was indeed a pleasant learning experience, especially the study materials that I received from them were incredibly helpful. Plus, there’s more!

Each learning module in Princeton Review SAT was well-structured, and I did not find any confusion in going ahead with my progress. Regarding progress, there is also an exclusive tracker that considers every module that you study and tracks it for you. 

Although Princeton Review SAT does not provide digital materials for you to revise after practice, the hardcopies are equally effective and insightful as well. The best thing is – You can write more than 15 practice tests on Princeton Review SAT.

Most SAT prep courses support mobile applications, but it does not function smoothly or start lagging every now and then. Yet, Princeton Review has an updated mobile application with everything that you need related to your SAT preparations.

Since Princeton Review also guarantees a minimum score which means you can confidently continue your learning because, in the end, you are promised results.

With a whopping 2000 practice questions, your revision could not get any better. I fully utilized all the questions because there is no limit to revisions, right? I mean, even if you feel it is low compared to other SAT prep courses, this is better in quality.

I made utmost use of all the benefits for my preparations. Thanks to Princeton SAT!

What I feel Can be Improved in Princeton Review?

I enjoyed using Princeton Review, but there are some pointers that I would like to address about it so that you get an unbiased review from my experience. 

Most of the benefits offered by Princeton Review were splendid, but they came with a cost. I mean, literally. As in, Princeton Review is more expensive than its competitors. 

If you are a student who is tight on the budget, you might find it hard to afford Princeton Review. Additionally, the mobile application is quite not up-to-date. 

Those two factors are the main downsides of Princeton Review. It would be great if Princeton Review could cut down its prices or give a slashed discount for students. 

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Final Thoughts: Princeton Review SAT Prep(2022)

What better to prepare for SAT than by enrolling in Princeton Review? Error 404 not found. But seriously, Princeton Review has been one of the best investments.

I am glad that I opted for Princeton Review because the resources that it promised were immaculate, and I had an excellent time studying for the ultimate SAT. 

In fact, the course quality was top-notch, and I did not get away with any doubts or confusion regarding the syllabus since it was explained accurately with examples. 

To wrap up my experience with Princeton Review, I’d say that it is the best educational investment that you can make in your entire life. Seriously.

Head to Princeton Review SAT and enroll in the SAT prep course right away!

FAQs On Princeton Review SAT

Is Princeton Review free?

Unfortunately, Princeton Review does not offer any free courses.

Is Princeton Review a better option for SAT?

Yes. Princeton Review is one of the most recommended prep courses for SAT preparation in general.

Do you get private tutoring in Princeton Review?

Yes. Princeton Review offers private tutoring, which is quite effective.

Is self-paced learning as effective as private tutoring in Princeton Review?

No, because private tutoring gives you an immersive learning experience since you will be guided by a dedicated instructor through every section.



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