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Rosetta Stone is one of the most reliable platforms that helps you learn a new language, and with the help of the Rosetta Stone discount, you can save your money and grab the best language teacher! 

With the real-life and practical approach, Rosetta Stone offers 25 languages to choose between. Whether you are looking for a solution for your personal use, school, non-profit organization, or business, Rosetta Stone offers exceptional features to make learning easy and fun!

While many people find Rosetta Stone’s pricing a bit expensive, you can rely on this post to help you grab the maximum discount. In this article, we have mentioned the working Rosseta Stone discount with a 60% discount along with a step-by-step guide to redeem the offer. 

So, are you excited to get your subscription at a discounted price and pick a new language? 

Let’s dive in! 

Rosetta Stone Promo Code: Current Offer 

Currently there is no Promo Code available. Though, Rosetta Stone offers a 40% discount on its annual and lifetime membership plan as of 2024. In contrast, there is no offer available on the three-month plan. Note that you can only select one language with the annual subscription. Whereas, if you opt for the lifetime plan, you will have to make only a one-time payment and get access to all the languages!

Rosetta Stone discount-Language& Pricing

How to Redeem Rosetta Stone Discount In 2024?

Now that you know the current offer, you can redeem the discount easily with the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Click on this link to get redirected to the official rosetta stone website. You will now be redirected to the pricing section of Rosetta Stone. 

Rosetta Stone Overview

Step 2: Choose the language you want to learn in the 12 months and click on the ‘JOIN NOW’ option. 

Choose The Language

Step 3: Choose the Rosetta Stone plan for your needs.

You get three options to choose from. After deciding on one, click on “SELECT PLAN” underneath it.

Rosetta Pricing Plan

Step 4: Enter your payment and billing details in this step. After filling all the required details, click on “FINISH & PAY” to complete the purchase.

Rosetta Stone Plan

Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked the Rosetta Stone discount. 

Other Ways to Get Rosetta Stone Discount In 2024

Rosetta Stone offers plenty of discounts. If you are unsatisfied with the discount code above, you can opt for other discounts or offers. Let us explain both the offers below. 

1. Student Discount 

Rosetta Stone offers excellent discount offers for students studying in university or college. The Rosetta Stone student discount code can save up to 10%. For redeeming the student discount, click here and verify your eligibility by entering your details. Once Rosetta Stone verifies your eligibility, you will receive an exclusive discount code on your email. 

2. Military Discount 

Veterans and Military discounts are available for all the members of USA and Canadian active military members. You can click here and verify your details. Once you enter your details and Rosetta Stone verifies your eligibility, you will receive an exclusive 10% discount in your email. From your email, you can redeem the discount right away! 

Discount-Military Discount

Rosetta Stone: Pricing (2024)

Rosetta Stone offers straightforward pricing plans. The three-month and annual plans provide access to any one language of your choice. At the same time, you get access to unlimited languages with the lifetime plan. Additionally, you get free updates and support for life with the lifetime plan. Check out the official pricing before and after the discount below! 

Rosetta Stone pricing: Before and After the discount:

PlanDiscounted PricingOriginal Pricing
3 Months
$11.99$35.97 total
$95.88$143.88 total

Rosetta Stone: Which Plan Should You Choose?

Now that you know you can save on annual and lifetime plans, you must be wondering which plan is right for you. Well, let’s help you pick one plan! 

The annual plan helps you access any language of your choice for one entire year. You get access to Rosetta Stone’s features, along with its excellent customer support to help you whenever you get stuck. For example, if you choose French, you can learn the language with all the Rosetta Stone resources, including instant feedback to get your accent right, dividing lessons to learn at your own pace, and more. However, if you look at the practical approach, you only gain access to one language at $95.88. 

Whereas, if you choose lifetime access, you get access to all the languages by Rosetta Stone at just $179. You can count on Rosetta Stone every time you want to learn a new language, as you will have access to the platform for life. We believe the lifetime plan is a massive deal you should not miss out on. You can enjoy additional perks with the lifetime perk that you won’t get with the annual plan. 

Remember, you will never get the Rosetta Stone lifetime plan at such a cheaper rate. So, grab the offer before you miss it!

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Conclusion: Rosetta Stone Discount 2024

Rosetta Stone offers a maximum discount on the lifetime plan and up to a 60% discount on its annual plan. All you have to do is follow our exclusive discount link, and you are all set to purchase the plan at a discounted rate! 

Make sure to grab lifetime access before you miss the chance. We keep our post updated with the latest discounts and offers from Rosetta Stone. So, make sure to come back to check all the new deals and offers. 

FAQsRosetta Stone Discount

How much can I save with your Rosetta coupon code?

With the ongoing offer, you can save up to $120 on the lifetime and $48 on the annual plans. However, there is no offer for the 3-month plan. 

Does Rosetta offer a free trial?

Yes! Rosetta Stone offers a free trial for anyone for three days. Once the three-day free trial ends, you can upgrade to the paid subscription. 

Does Rosetta offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. No matter your purchase plans, you are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can demand a refund within the first 30 days of your purchase. 

Why is my Rosetta coupon code not working?

You can try refreshing the page if the current discount link is not working. However, if you do not see the discounted pricing, there is a chance that the offer is expired. Nevertheless, you can come back and check after some time to get the latest discounts and offers. 

How much can I save with the Rosetta Stone student discount?

Rosetta Stone offers an exclusive 10% discount for students. Once you verify your identity, Rosetta Stone will email you an exclusive discount link through which you can make the purchase. 

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