Manhattan Prep Promo Code 2024: Exclusive $75 Off

Are you thinking of using the Manhattan Prep program or are you an aspirant who is looking for a test preparation platform within the budget and scoring well in the entrance exams? Then you have landed in the perfect place because we got you a Manhattan Prep Promo Code.

Manhattan Prep is specially designed for those students who wish to excel in GMAT, GRE, and EA. Manhattan Prep will assist you in achieving a merit rank without attending all of the conventional classes.

In this article, I will explain the Manhattan prep codes, steps to claim the Manhattan Prep Promo code, Pricing Plans of Manhattan Prep, and some of the key highlights.

Also at the end of this article, I have also added some frequently asked questions that will definitely help you get the perfect discount codes.

With that, let’s have a look at the details.

Manhattan Prep Promo Code (2024)

There is currently only one coupon code available on Manhattan Prep which you can apply and save your money on Manhattan’s Prep courses. Following is the promo code that you can use at your final checkout.

Promo code: GMATCLUB75

How To Claim The Manhattan Prep Promo Code: (Step By Step)

Here is the step-by-step guide to avail of the promo codes to get the discount. 

Step 1: The initial step is to visit the official website and create your account on Manhattan Prep. Visit the website and create an account.

Step 2: Once you get landed on the homepage, select the test option in which you are looking to prepare. For instance, I take GRE Prep as an example.

Manhattan Preparation Promo Code - Overview

Step 3: After selecting the test, you will see the details about the selected test. You need to scroll down and choose the study method that is suitable for you. You will get two options, Live Online GMAT Prep and Private GMAT Tutoring.

Manhattan Preparation Promo Code - Courses

Step 4: Now click on the Explore Option of the selected study method. If you want a detailed course, you can select Live Online GMAT Prep. and If you want a step-by-step training session, then you should go for the Tutoring method.

Here, for instance, we will explore the Live Online GMAT Prep.

Step 5: You will have many courses on this page. 

Manhattan Preparation Promo Code - Choose The Courses

Choose the course level you want to enroll in.

Step 6: For example, we choose the live course. Now click on see schedules and checkout to pick the most suitable schedule among the options.

Manhattan Preparation Promo Code - GMAT

Step 7: After selecting the most suitable schedule, you will see the order summary and the option to fill up and apply the promo code GMATCLUB75.

You need to paste your promo code there and get the discount.

Manhattan Preparation Promo Code - Order Summary

After applying the promo code, you will have to select the preferred payment method to confirm the final payment.

Finally, you can successfully get the redeemed offer by applying the promo code. You can then prepare for quality courses and score in your exams.

Payment Information

Pricing Plans of Manhattan Prep

The pricing plans for the courses are as follows:

1. GMAT:

The standard ‘Interact’ course starts from $1599 that includes access to various online books and many online course content and resources. Also, you get a set of interactive on-demand sessions.

The GMAT Live Manhattan prep course is for $2450, which covers 27 hours of live, private, or online instructions.

2. GRE:

For the individual section, the package starts at $99, covering the 3 hours of a live session with the instructor.

The self-study program starts at $299 that includes over 22 hours of interactive video sessions and access to all online resources and books.

The step-by-step private tutoring begins at $2450 that offers tailored instruction to fit the needs of all students.

Manhattan Prep Key Features

Lets have a look at the key features :

1. Get Authentic practice tests:

The Manhattan Prep tests are most likely the best on the market. Each of his classes includes six practice examinations. 

Many students indicate that their practice exams are tougher than any other tests, which boosts their competence and confidence when it comes time to take the exam.

2. Manhattan Prep books:

Manhattan Prep gives hard copy prep materials to all of its students in addition to excellent digital content such as video lessons and practice problems.

Together, these books form an effective preparation resource. They cover general test-taking tactics, section-specific techniques, tactics, core principles teachings, practice problems, and much more.

3. Private Tutoring:

Manhattan Prep offers a huge range of private tutoring options for every course. It is especially for students who seek a more personalized and step-by-step guide from the experts. 

This includes various books, practice problems, video lessons, etc. 

4. Immediate Feedback:

You get real-time feedback on your progress from the experts so that you can work hard on your progress and score better.

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Conclusion: Manhattan Prep Promo Code (2024)

Wrapping up the Manhattan Prep Promo code, I have provided the guide to the promo codes and the steps to claim the course with a discount price. 

 I hope this article helped you get the perfect discount and promo codes. Now it is over to you. With Manhattan Prep, you will get an eligible position at your dream college.

Still, if you have any doubts about Manhattan Prep, let us know in the comment section below.

We wish you a happy learning.

FAQs On Manhattan Prep Promo Code

How much can I save with Manhattan GRE Prep promo codes?

You will get to save more than 20% with one valid promo code and discount coupon.

For how much period does the Manhattan prep promo code last?

The discount codes available during the deal are only valid for a short time and will soon expire. So get yours before they’re gone.

Does Manhattan Prep offer free courses?

No, Manhattan Prep does not offer any full-time courses for free. But they offer free preparation tests for students who are preparing for the GRE, GMAT, and EA.

Does Manhattan Prep offer to finance or pay over-time options?

yes, you can get split payment options or financing options from various third-party finance providers. You can simply buy and pay installments later.

Does Manhattan Prep provide a student discount on GRE prep?

Yes, Manhattan GRE Prep offers a student discount program if you are currently enrolled in college or high school. But you will need to submit the proof of enrollment documentation.

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