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Whether preparing for entrance exams or high school tests, the tuition fees for all courses can be expensive. So Kaplan discount code is the best way to prepare for your tests at a pocket-friendly price. 

Kaplan has helped thousands of people secure top-ranking scores in all kinds of exams. Kaplan can help you reserve a position in your dream university through its high-quality course designed to achieve excellence. 

Nevertheless, not everyone can afford to join expensive classes or courses, and with other expenses like college tuition, it becomes difficult to manage things financially. So, by using our exclusive Kaplan discount codes, you can avail of some exciting offers to start your preparations.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in and check out some of the best offers available for your choice of courses.

Kaplan Discount Code 2024!- Active Codes

The biggest sale of the year, Black Friday sales are here, and Kaplan has announced their offers as well. Remember, these deals will be available till the 28th of November. Here is a quick overview of the offers that are available at Kaplan.

Exam CoursesDiscount CodesDiscount 
DAT PrepGRAD1515%

Just For YOU, Use Code ‘Lucky25‘ to get a 25% off. ( Courses – ACT, SAT, AP, and PSAT) 

Lucky25 Promo Code

How To Redeem Kaplan Discount Code? (Step-By-Step Guide)

Now that you know about the active discount codes, availing of them is quite easy. Just follow our step-by-step guide and use our exclusive codes within minutes. 

First, let us see how to unlock Kaplan’s ‘BF30’ discount code.

Step 1: Visit the official Kaplan website.

Step 2: On the home page, click the ‘Sign In’ button at the top right corner. 

Kaplan Official Page
Kaplan Official Page

Step 3: Fill out the required information and click on ‘Login.’

Login page
Login page

Step 4: Now head to the main page and select the ‘Prepare For An Exam’ section. Select the test you want to prepare for from the given options.  

Pick An Exam Prep Course
Pick An Exam Prep Course

Step 5: The details page will have all the course details. Once you go through it, click on the ‘Get Prep’ button given below the discount code. 

Kaplan Discount Code
Kaplan Discount Code

Step 6: at the prep page. Scroll down and click on ‘Enroll.’

Prep Page
Prep Page

Step 7: Now, enter the discount code ‘JUNE72’ in the order summary section and click on ‘Apply.’

Enter The Discount code
Enter The Discount code

Step 8: After applying the discount code, you will see the discounted price in the final bill. Next, head to the payment method section. 

Discounted Price
Discounted Price

Step 9: Lastly, fill out the payment credentials and click on ‘Confirm Payment. 

Payment Credentials - Kaplan Discount Code
Payment Credentials

Congratulations! You have unlocked our exclusive Kaplan discount code. Enjoy preparing for your test with some insightful tips and tricks. 

How To Redeem Kaplan’s ‘SUMMERMCAT500’ Discount Code?

Note : Currently there is no ‘SUMMERMCAT500’ Promo code available. Go through the block so you will know when the offer arrives you will know how to avail it.

This discount code is especially for all the students preparing for the MCAT exam. If you are one of them, you should definitely check out Kaplan’s MCAT course. 

To unlock the discount code follow the below steps!

Note; The first four steps are similar for both the discount codes. So refer to the initial steps in the above guide.

Step 1: On the MCAT course details page, click on the ‘See Scheldules’ section.

Kaplan-MCAT course details page - Kaplan Discount Code
Kaplan-MCAT course details page

Step 2: Now the page will direct you to the Bootcamp sessions where you have to select a course and click on ‘Enroll’. 

Kaplan-Select a course - Kaplan Discount Code
Kaplan-Select a course

Step 3: On the payment page enter the discount code ‘SUMMERMCAT500’ in the order summary section and click on ‘Apply’

 Kaplan-Enter the discount code - Kaplan Discount Code
Kaplan-Enter the discount code

Step 4: After applying for the code review your final bill and the discounted price.

Kaplan-Discounted Price - Kaplan Discount Code
Kaplan-Discounted Price

Step 5: Head to the payment method section and fill out all the credentials and click on ‘Confirm Payment

Kaplan-Discounted Price - Kaplan Discount Code
Kaplan-Discounted Price

Congratulation! You have availed of our exclusive Kaplan MCAT discount code. Prepare for your exam stress-free with top experts.

Kaplan Pricing-Explained

Kaplan is a popular test prepping platform. The courses here are led by experts and top-ranking individuals. However, let us check out the pricing of Kaplan’s preparation courses. 

College Admissions

ASVABBuy on Amazon

Graduate admissions


Moreover, Kaplan also has prep courses for professional degrees like medicine, nursing, allied health, etc. These courses have a customized price according to the plan you choose and have the top mentors in the world for your guidance. 

Does Kaplan Offer Student Discounts?

If you are a student on a budget with high aspirations, we have some good news for you. Kaplan offers all US studying students up to 60% discount. The best part about this student discount is that it is available for students from all nationalities provided they are studying in the US. 

With Kaplan test prepping courses you can start prepping for your test without cutting a hole in your pocket. These courses are full-fledged training for any test you pick and ensure good scores in the result. 

All you have to do is log in through your student id and enroll for the tests you like. After enrolling with your student id you avail yourself of the discount of 60% on all the Kaplan courses. 

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Wrapping Up! Kaplan Discount Code (2024)

A student knows the importance of good grades on a test. To secure the position you have been dreaming of, you need to have top-ranking scores in your entrances or high school SATs.

With Kaplan discount codes you can get the rank you want without spending a huge chunk of money on the test-prepping course. In addition, you will implement some new learning techniques that are expert-recommended and boost your grasping power. 

So do not waste time lingering around looking for more discount options. These codes are active only for a limited time and will expire soon. So make sure to make the most of them while they last. 

Over to you? Did you avail your Kaplan discount code yet? Let us know in the comment section below!

FAQs – Kaplan Discount Code

Does Kaplan offer free courses?

No, Kaplan does not offer free courses. However, they do have free demo sessions for you to determine whether the course suits your requirement or not. 

What if I am not satisfied after enrolling in a Kaplan course?

Fortunately, Kaplan offers a money-back guarantee for users who are not completely satisfied with their course. You can get a refund of 100% of the money invested in our program within the first 14 days of enrolling. 

How much discount is Kaplan offering currently?

Kaplan is offering a discount of 25% of most of its test prep courses. So do check them out before the offer expires. 

Does Kaplan have personal tutoring available?

Yes, Kaplan does offer one on one tutoring sessions for their courses. However, some discounts might not be valid for personal tutoring on Kaplan.

How can I avail the most discount on Kaplan courses?

If you are a student, you can log in through your student id and avail a discount of 60% on all Kaplan courses any time of the year. 

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