How To Get Into UCLA: Admission Criteria & Necessary Tips

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Are you an aspirant who wants to get into UCLA? Or are you looking for a guide to help you out?

If yes, then you are in the perfect place.

We will discuss everything you need to know about UCLA, like the criteria to get admission, and the requirements to apply.

And in the end part of this article, I have added some tips and also a guide for international applicants who want to be a part of UCLA.

So stay tuned till last to get a complete guide.

Criteria For UCLA

It is really competitive to get a seat at UCLA. Every year UCLA accepts only 14.3% of the applications from its applications. In short, the chances are 14.3 out of 100. 

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So Let’s have a Look at the Criteria.

1. GPA In Academics:

The most important factor is to have a good GPA in your previous academics. Candidates must have to meet the UCLA GPA requirements for admissions. 

You must have at least a 3.9 GPA or higher while students that are from other states must have a 3.4 GPA or greater. 

So if the question is how much GPA you need, then you can note that to be considered for admission to UCLA, you need to be a topper in your class and you will also require to meet the UCLA GPA score. The average unweighted GPA of UCLA is 3.9

2. SAT and ACT Score:

SAT and ACT are the competitive exams that you need to pass. You need to take either of these tests. 

The average SAT score you need to get admission to UCLA is 1405 out of 1600 as of now. This score makes UCLA admission very competitive for SAT test scores.

Likewise, for the ACT, UCLA does not have a high cut-off ACT which doesn’t mean you can score low. You need to cover the average score that UCLA considers.

SAT Exam ACT Exam

The average cut-off for the ACT is 31. Even if there is no minimum ACT requirement, if you get below 27 still there will be a huge competition for you to get in.

Also if you are applying for the ACT instead of the SAT,  then you have an advantage in terms of how you send scores.

You can simply send the best score you got out of the tests you have given. You can take many tests and send the best score. In addition to the SAT, UCLA might demand you to send all of your previous assessments.

So you have more chances to increase your ACT score than you expect. 

What UCLA Looks for In Candidates?

Well, there is a huge range of factors that UCLA looks for in students. They want a student who performs strong leadership and has a perspective with experience.

1. You need strong academic performance:

It is essential to have a strong academic background to get admission. You need to make sure that you have continuous scoring from high school. 

Score and GPA is not the only thing that matters, also check your performance during the school curriculum. Your curriculum also reflects your hard work and ability to handle things above your comfort zone.

2. Special awards, special talents and skills, and accomplishments:

UCLA also checks the unique talents that you have. They also want to know how well you performed in the competitions. You will need to showcase your achievements and awards which will help you to stand out differently. 

3. Your personality and character:

Your personality and personal character is the most important thing to impress the faculty. UCLA faculty will ask some questions regarding your nature. Your answers will showcase your personality and what kind of human being you are. With this UCLA will evaluate and decide whether you are suitable for UCLA and how UCLA is suitable for you.

UCLA looks for candidates that fulfill skills like creativity, leadership, tenacity, initiative tendency, and intellectual curiosity. So get ready with these skills in order to be a part of UCLA.

UCLA Admission Requirements And Application Deadlines

Lets Look into the UCLA Admission Requirements and Application Deadlines

1. A to G subject Requirement System:

A candidate must complete a series of 15 courses known as the “A through G topic requirements” in order to be admitted to the UCLA System. In any of their A-G course requirements, students must not obtain a grade lower than a C. The following are the courses from A through G:

AVisual and performing arts1 year( if available)
BMath3 years( 4 recommended)
CScience2 years( 3 recommended)
DHistory2 years
EOther Languages2 years
FEnglish4 year
GElective for college preparation1 year

Remember that there is no particular academic path that we want all students to take. Competitive applicants, on the other hand, achieve excellent scores in the most difficult curriculum accessible to them.

Each admissions application is considered in the context of the courses available to that student. We will examine your application even if a specific required subject is not available.

2. UCLA Application Requirements:

Remember that there is no particular academic path that we want all students to take. Your child may be ready to apply to UCLA after pursuing a demanding academic plan and excelling in a limited number of extracurricular activities.

  • UCLA’s undergraduate admissions standards are as follows:
  • Application to the University of California
  • AP or IB test results are optional.

A high school transcript is required to enter grades into the online application system, but it is not submitted until after an accepted offer has been made.

Competitive applicants, on the other hand, achieve excellent scores in the most difficult curriculum accessible to them.

Each admissions application is considered in the context of the courses available to that student. UCLA will examine your application even if a specific required subject is not available.

3. UCLA Personal Insight Questions:

Every UC applicant must respond to four personal insight questions in less than 350 words each, with eight question prompts to pick from.

Students submit the same applies to all of the UC institutions to which they apply, therefore they do not have the option of customizing their essays for each university. 

Tips and Tricks

For the next admissions cycle, you should develop your skills. Here are some tips that you can follow :

1. UCLA Essays:

Essays are the best way to set yourself apart from other candidates. UCLA regards essays as “very crucial” in the admissions process and places a high weight on them. 

Eight questions are requested of UCLA applicants, four of which must be answered. It will help if you devote a significant amount of time and effort to each of the four essays you write for UCLA.

If you can indicate on your application that you are serious about attending UCLA, the admissions committee may be swayed in your favor.

2. Maintain your GPA:

You can start to maintain the GPA score of your academics so that you don’t get hurdles while applying to UCLA.

Maintaining GPA is not just a thing to need to consider. But also you need to have a high GPA which will meet the criteria.

3. Develop your extracurricular activities:

Extracurricular activities are regarded as an “important” component of UCLA admissions decisions. 

The best institutions seek students who have one or two well-developed interests and have demonstrated accomplishment or leadership in those areas. 

A well-developed interest, known as a “spike,” is another fantastic way to catch the attention of admissions authorities.

Guide For International Applicants

The English proficiency test is a supplementary requirement for international students. If you want to get approved, you must demonstrate English proficiency. You can do this by taking tests like

  • TOEFL – (Test Of English as a Foreign Language)
  • Duolingo English Test 
  • IELTS – International English Language Testing System

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Conclusion: How To Get Into UCLA (2024)

So I have covered you with a complete guide. UCLA can demonstrate to the rest of the world that a university does not have to be traditional in order to be a part of the City of Angels.

So start preparing now!!! I hope this guide helped you to solve your every query and doubt.

Still, if you have any doubt, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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