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Are you searching for the best MBA admission consultants on the internet? I am sure you must have come across various advertisements and paid promotions of the firms through blogs and articles. 

Don’t worry we got your back. We have created a list of the best MBA admission consultants after researching and considering various factors like past selections, consultants team, the output of the firm, communication tactics, method of review, the accuracy of detecting the areas of improvement, understanding of the candidate’s potential, etc.  

Landing onto the dream college is surely one of the major wishes that students have. These MBA consultants help the students in this process and shade them pass all the required screening and tests. 

With that let us take a look at all the MBA consultants that may help you achieve your goals and fulfill all your requirements. 

Best MBA Admission Consultants: In a Nutshell

If you are on the go or in a rush, you can take a look at the table below to get the gist of the list of best MBA admission consultants. 

Sr.No.MBA ConsultantsRating
1.Stacy Blackman Consulting4.6/5
4.The MBA Exchange.4.4/5
5.MBA Prep School.4.2/5
8.Essay Snark3.8/5
9.MBA Admit4/5
10.Fortuna Admissions4.6/5

Let us take a detailed look at what these firms have to offer the candidates and what they charge for their services. 

1. Stacy Blackman Consulting

Stacy Blackman Consulting strategically plans the Mba applications and their elements. The application and its process are taken care of from the initial stage of planning till the execution of the plan takes place. 

Their all-in-one service package provides students with unlimited time and no-hour limitations. The team members help the students to achieve their full potential and provide dedicated assistance in the admission process. 

Stacy Blackman Consulting.

The team of these consultants includes former HBS Admissions Officers, former Stanford GSB admission Officers, Kellogg and Wharton admission officers, and admission officers from LBS, INSEAD, Oxford Said, MIT, Booth, Fuqua, Columbia, NYU, etc. 

The firm usually Ranks as #top 1, when it comes to best MBA consultants. The firm offers weekly free consultations related to any inquiries. This firm is certainly a suitable option for you if you want full guidance throughout your MBA admission process. 

Consultation Packages:

All in one package$4,850
Hourly service$365/hour
MBA interview preparation$575 
Plan ahead services$1,695
Essay Editing Services$170
SBC Flight Test$825

Rating: 4.6/ 5

Free Consultations: Once a week. 

2. Admissionado

The Platform was founded by  Raj Patil. It is one of the best consulting platforms when it comes to college consultants. Admissionado consists of experts who have specialized in their respective fields. 

The students were assisted in working on their strengths, building a strong profile, preparing for the essays, one-on-one mentorship, and HQ support. 


Admissionado ensures the best quality of assistance in the admission process and provides the students with honest straightforward reviews and approaches. 

The team members in Admissionado are from the universities like Harvard University, Brown University, Princeton, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, etc. 

The packages offered by the firm are affordable and pocket-friendly. The packages can be changed according to your requirements and are made to cater to the needs of the students. 

The admission success rate of Admissionado is 98% with 35,000+ applications reviewed. The team includes 67 staff consultants. 

Above all, you will be provided with guidelines and admission books after you enroll in their package. 

Consultation Packages:

Silver package$3,250
Gold package$5,750
Platinum Package$8,650
Advanced Planning Package$375/month

Rating: 4.5/ 5

Free Consultations: yes. 

3. Aringo

Gil Levi founded Aringo with the experience of his MBA admission journey of the acceptance letter from Harvard, Warton, and INSEAD with a full merit scholarship and a score of 650 on the GMAT. 


His team includes former best MBA Admissions Officers and specialized consultants with expertise in different fields. 

The clients hets the services of one-on-one consultation with the admisssi0on experts and then a meeting with the consultant team about their needs and requirements. 

Consultation Packages:

Full School Package $4,650
Silver Package$2,500 
Hourly Services$260/hour

Rating: 4.3/ 5

Free Consultations: The students get some free consultation sessions along with a few free admission tools

4. The MBA Exchange

The MBA Exchange is founded by Dan, Bauer, a Harvard business graduate, and entrepreneur. He has hired admission officers from Wharton, HBS, CBS, Sloan, MIT, etc. 

The MBA Exchange.

The firm chooses focused mentors to approach to work efficiently with the candidates. The consultants include a team of highly experienced and expert counselors. They help the students to work on a clear path by clearing their misconceptions and helping them with reality. 

The profile gets a full check which helps them understand the candidate and his area of improvement. They use their expertise in framing the best version of the student profile. 

Consultation Packages:

Comprehensive Package$4,750
Admissions Consulting$334/hour
Essay Services$1,180
Resume Services$885 basic
Letter of Recommendation Assistance$330/hour
Application Final Check$330
Mock Interview$500
Waitlist Services$885 
Rejection Review$340

Rating: 4.4/ 5

Free Consultations: Yes. 

5. MBA Prep School

MBA Prep School helps in strategizing the applications of the students. They prepare the students to get called for interviews and acceptance letters from the colleges. The experts in the team prepare you on how to write perfect MBA essays, resumes, recommendation letters, and interview approach. 

The platform is usually listed in most lists of top MBA consultancy. You will get overall guidance for making your profile stronger. The firm helps you in making your application stand out from other candidates. 

MBA Prep School.

They provide the students with a powerful set of tools to boost their MBA application. The team of experts includes former admission officers and storytelling experts. The students get access to the required resources for the preparation for interviews and exams. 

Consultation Packages:

Admission Consulting Services$6,995
Hourly Services$1,050 for 3 hours
Essay Editing$225 for 1,000
Resume services$299
MBA applicant test $99

Rating: 4.2/ 5

Free Consultations: Yes. 


The team of the firm consists of graduates from renowned MBA programs. They are all experienced in the admission application process and know the qualities required to get an acceptance letter. 

The consultants hired by the firm go through 3 months of training and supervised work. Hence, they assure the quality of their work. 


The one-on-one counseling sessions take place twice a month. This facility includes the benefit of counseling with the entire firm. The counseling session is focused on strategizing ideas and improving the quality of their services.  

The team members help the students in recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. They also plan on activities like reapplication strategies, school selection, mock interviews, etc. 

The firm offers you the freedom to choose the most suitable package for you from the variety of offered packages.  

Consultation Packages:

Complete Package $4,900
Hourly Services  $350/hour
Pre-Application Strategy$1,500
Mock Interview Sessions$650
Reapplicant Strategy$650
Wharton Team-Based Discussion Simulation$600
  Post-Interview Reflection Support$850
HBS Intensive Interview Simulation  $2,500

Rating: 4.4/ 5

Free Consultations: A half-hour free consulting session. 

7. Accepted

The application of the students is paired with the admission consultants. The consultants take a deeper look at individual applications. After the application is examined thoroughly, the students are informed about the areas of improvement in the application and the parts that are strong. 

The firm offers a team of consultants who speak languages like English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, and Spanish. Students are asked about their goals and planning. Then according to the student’s goals, the team creates and strategizes a plan. 


Consultation Packages:

Comprehensive Package$4,750
Admissions Consulting$334/hour
Essay Services$1,180
Resume Services$885 basic
Letter of recommendation assistance$330/hour
Application final check services$330
Mock Interview preparation$500
Waitlist Services$885 
Rejection review services$340

Rating: 4.3/ 5

Free Consultations: Yes. 

8. Essay Snark

The best service provided by Essay Snark is essay reviews. Of course, you would have understood by the firm’s name itself. 

Essay Snark

Other services offered by them are the identification of candidates’ strengths weaknesses, career goals, analysis, etc. They also provide advice on whom to seek for a letter of recommendation and how to strengthen your transcript. 

Moreover, you can easily avail of a discount on their services in non-rush hours. Their complete profile package offers an overall review and strengthening of your complete application. 

Consultation Packages:

Single rushed Essay$199
Complete essay package$1,249

Rating: 3.8/ 5

Free Consultations: Yes. 

9. MBA Admit

The firm was founded by Dr. Shel Watts who is an Oxford and Harvard graduate. She has worked and has plenty of experience as a Harvard alumni recruiter, Harvard academic advisor,  Harvard admissions worker, interview coach for HBS students, etc. 

MBA Admit

The team puts into effect all of their experience to help the candidate land their dream college. The strengths and weaknesses of the students are identified and optimized to create a better profile that cannot be rejected. 

They tried to provide the candidates with the most affordable rates in the market. The basic rate starts from $1,095. You can avail of the package that caters to your needs and serves the required purpose.  

Consultation Packages:

Customized servicesCall for inquiry
Hourly Services$365/hour
Stand-Alone Strategy Session$595
Basic Package$1,095
Gold Package$2,395
Gold Plus Package$2,695
CEO Package$4,675

Rating: 4/ 5

Free Consultations: Yes. 

10. Fortuna Admissions

A Team filled with former MBA Admission Directors and Senior MBA Staff from best business schools including Harvard Business School Stanford GSB, Wharton, INSEAD, Chicago Booth and many more. Coming in with wealth of information and experience the team has gained a lot of appreciation for the way they prepare their candidates for interviews.

Fortuna Admissions Overview

Counselling Package :

The Admissions
Director’s Evaluation
Interview Prep
Hourly Consulting$395/hour
Comprehensive Package$5,550
Premium Package$6,380
Group Interview
Early Stage
MBA Planning
MBA Resume
Applicant Strategy

Rating : 4.6/5

Free Consultation : Yes

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Final Verdict: MBA Admission consultants in 2024

That’s all with the best MBA admission consultants. I believe that this article has helped you to clear your thoughts and choose a service or a firm that suits your news. 

If you are still confused about which Consultancy service is best, here are our top picks for you. 

  1. Stacy Blackman Consulting:

The firm is great for the overall development of students. You will surely be satisfied with their expert services and assistance. 

  1. Admissionado:

When it comes to the best admission consultants, Admissionado has to be surely stated at the top. Their services are unbeatable and are sure to satisfy the requirements of the students. 

There are many admission consultants available in today’s era. This ensures that you will surely find a service that will serve your needs and satisfy you. All the best for your journey ahead!

Remember to share your experience with the MBA consultants in the comment section. It may help other candidates to find the right one. 

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