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What Happens If You Fail In High School? Yes, Failing in high school is still a nightmare for most kids. What will happen if you get an F grade in a subject? Will you be able to get into a good college, or will your job application be rejected due to the F grade? 

There are approximately 1.2 million students in the US that drop out of high school every year. Approximately 25% of the students fail to graduate from high school on the expected time. 

Imagine failing your first year of high school. What are the things that will happen, and what can you do about them? Don’t worry. Will tell you exactly What will Happens If You Fail In High School. In the following article, I have mentioned details about what happens if you fail in high school and what ways you can use to tackle your problems and increase your GPA. 

What Happens If You Fail In High School?

If you happen to fail in High school, it will surely not be a pleasant experience. You will get demotivated and may lose track of your emotional health. Also, there are various disadvantages that you will have to face in your professional life. 

Getting an F grade in school will surely make you question your abilities and affect your personal life in many different ways. Let us take a look at all the possible consequences that you will have to face if you get an F grade in your high school years. 

1. You can repeat the course or switch your class

Many high schools have some compulsory and elective subjects as a part of their curriculum. You will have to take the compulsory classes irrespective of your choices. Most high schools include compulsory subjects like Arts, science, social studies, Maths, and physical education. 

If you fail in compulsory subjects, there’s no escape. You will have to retake the subject and score passing grades in order to fulfill your graduation credits. Most of the students prefer retaking the subjects in the spring semester over the summer semester. You can also participate in score recovery during the school breaks or take extra classes outside the regular school hours.

You can also choose the online recovery option. This will provide you flexibility, and you can recover your credit scores without going to school for the subject that you have failed. 

However, if you have failed the elective subject, you can either retake it or change the subject in the new semester. Your transcript will include an F grade even if you choose to change this subject. 

2. Your transcript will include an F

If you fail in high school in a certain subject, then an F will appear on your transcript. Your transcript contains the records of your achievements and failures. 

If you get an F in a certain subject, it will affect your final course grades. Also, your overall GPA will decline due to the F score. Moreover, it is likely to affect your behavioral records and educational-related achievements. 

Even if you decide to retake your course or change the subjects, the F grade will be visible on your transcript. It can’t be removed by any means. 

Your transcript is the only way to display your academic records while the process of admission to college and while applying for a new job as a fresher. Your performance in high school is sure to affect your acceptance letters. 

3. Your Job application will have a negative impact

Most of the students wish to apply for jobs once they complete their high school diploma. Getting an F grade in your high school is sure to amper your chances of getting a good job after high school. 

While applying for the job, the high schooler competes against the other candidates for a few spots. You surely need high grades to secure your job position. Hence an F on your transcript will make your journey difficult toward your goals. 

4. Your Gpa in the high school years will decrease

The total GPA in your high school is responsible for qualifying for higher studies or getting a job. A better GPA ensures more chances of being selected for your dream college or company. 

If you fail in high school, you are sure to have a low GPA compared to another candidate. You will have to compromise with the choices of your college or job due to the lower GPA. 

5. Your college application will be given lesser preference. 

Having an F on your transcript will decrease your chances of getting into the prestigious colleges of the state and the country. You will face many rejections due to a lower GPA and will have to work on your emotional health as well. 

Your college application may not be suitable according to the requirements of the top colleges. You can surely repair your loss by working hard in the remaining semesters to gain back the momentum of your GPA . this will help you to get into the colleges that overlook your F grade and accept you for the GPA that you have scored. 

6. In order to fill your backlog, you will have to take a year drop

If you fail in class near your graduation time, you won’t get a spot to retake the class to earn the required credits. In the end, you will have to take an extra semester to recover your credit scores. 

In order to graduate from high school, you will have to meet the graduation criterion of your school if you need assistance to recover your credits. You can reach out to the academic advisors in your school. They will surely help you to create a plan and timetable, so you will be able to make up for the failed subject. 

7. Your emotional health will decline due to the pressure of failing in high school

Students get a toll on their mental health if they fail in their high schools. Some students even try to commit suicide. 

You will have to take great care of your mental health if you fail in high school. Remember that it is not the end of the world, and there will be many opportunities for you in the future. All you need to do in order to recover from your mistake is work harder. 

You have got this, and you will surely accomplish your goals in your life. 

How Can You Cover Your Loss? – What Happens If You Fail In High School

If you have failed in high school, you surely need to make up for the loss in order to get selected for a good college and earn your higher degrees. You will surely have to work hard to bring your GPA back on track and avoid your marks from degrading more. 

So, what are the things that you should work on, in order to improve your GPA and your grades? Don’t worry. We have sorted the work for you. Here are a few of the things that will help you to increase your performance and minimize your loss. 

Let’s get into it:

1. You will need to work on increasing your GPA

The quickest way to increase your GPA and minimize your loss is to ask your teacher and school to allow you to make up. If you have failed your class in the fall, you can study in the winter break and Ask your teacher to help you make up. 

The method of makeup depends on your teacher and your school. Some schools may permit or may not permit you to make up for your loss during the breaks. 

2. You will have to work on recovering your credits

Getting an F grade is surely disappointing. You will surely have to work twice as hard as you did the last semester. All you need is a strong will and desperation to recover your credits. 

Securing good grades in the new semester will help you to cover up your loss. As mentioned earlier, there are various ways to retake your classes and recover your credits. 

3. You can take your F grade as a life lesson and not repeat your mistakes again

Failures are the stepping stones to success. You can learn from the mistakes that you made in the past. You can take note of the things that distracted you or interfered with your will to study. Once you have noted all the issues, you can start tackling all the problems one by one and get rid of them. 

Maybe today’s failure is a life lesson for you and will help you to excel in all the fields in future years. 

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Wrapping Up: What Happens If You Fail In High School?

That’s all about failing in high school. I hope and wish that no student should ever fail in their high school years and pass with flying colors. 

However, there are fair chances of students getting an F due to various reasons. The results of your failing mostly depends on which year you are studying and which semester you are in. Besides, the fact that which high school you are studying majorly influences your future opportunities. 

I hope that the above article has helped you to answer the required queries and feed your curiosity. If I have missed any points, you can surely add them in the comment section. 

So have you ever failed in high school, and how did you tackle the situation?

FAQs: What Happens If You Fail In High School

What is the most failed high school class?

It was reported that Algebra was the most failed coursed in high school years. Most high school students find it difficult to keep up with the difficulty of the subject. The next most failed course is English. Most non-native students face issues in scoring and passing the English language course. 

How much will my GPA drop if I fail a class in high school?

Your grades will not be included in your GPA if you fail a certain class. Your transcript will include an F for the subject that you have failed. 

Does failing a class in high school affect college?

Failing a grade is sure to affect your college preferences. Most colleges give lesser priority to students with failed grades in high school. However, if you have failed in just one subject and recovered or made up for it later, your college choices will not get much affected. 

Can you fail one class and still pass?

You can pass in a grade if you have failed in the early term. You can create a plan and try to recover your GPA before you complete the grade. 

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