What Is The Average SAT Score In 2024 (Updated)

What is The Average Sat Score

Are you searching vigorously for the average SAT score on multiple sites? 

The search ends right here. I have listed the average SAT score by the university and the popular states located in the US. 

You can instantly find the average SAT score below.

In fact, I have also listed some of the best SAT prep courses to better your preparations so that you can get the best SAT score without any hassles.

SAT Exams Overview

What Is SAT?

SAT is an entry-level test conducted by different universities to ensure that only qualifying students are guaranteed acceptance into the desired college.

You can write the SAT over paper and pencil in an MCQ test format covering multiple sections like verbal, quant, and logical reasoning. Any student can attempt the SAT seven times a year in the US. 

If you think that SAT covers only math portions, you are probably wrong because SAT is only an aptitude test, so you are expected to be skilled in all the fields.

The students who have written SAT can expect the results two-three weeks later. Since it is a challenging competitive exam, it is recommended to take up prep courses.

Average SAT Score 2024 by Universities:

Usually, the average score limit differs when choosing a course stream. Similarly, the average SAT score varies by different universities in the US.

The following are the Average SAT Scores by Universities:

Sr. No.Name of The UniversitiesScore
1.University of St. Louis1220 – 1430
2.Stanford University1505
3.Penn University1500
4.Yale University1515
5.Princeton University1505
6.University of Pennsylvania1500
7.Brown University1500 – 1570
8.UC Berkeley1415
9.UCLA 1405
10.Cornell University1480

Average SAT Score by State:

Although the categorization of average SAT scores is by the universities, it can also differ to the state in the US, and so I have listed them below:

Sr. No. Name of The StateScore
1.Utah 1170
2.Washington 1125
3.Nevada 1110
4.Texas 1095
5.Pennsylvania 1265
6.Mississippi 1180
8.New Jersey1079
9.Georgia 1090
10.Kentucky 1077
11.New York1057

SAT Vs ACT: What’s The Difference?

Although all colleges accept ACT and SAT scores, it does not mean both competitive tests are not entirely the same. Let me highlight the key differences between SAT and ACT to get an idea of how SAT and ACT are different.

  1. SAT has only reading comprehension and math-based sections, whereas ACT has essay writing, science, and social sections.
  2. SAT has big numbered scores like 400-1600 whereas the ACT is scored only 36 for each section, and the total percentage is calculated via adding scores of all four sections.
  3. SAT exams have a fixed time of 3 hours, whereas ACT depends if a student opts for essay writing. If essay writing is included, the students get a total of 3 hours 35 minutes while no essay writing results in 2 hours and 35 minutes.
  4. SAT considers negative marking if the answer is incorrect, whereas ACT does not follow any negative marking protocol and only adds the correct answers.
  5. SAT can be attempted seven times a year, whereas you can write ACT only six times a year.

Apart from the above-listed differences, SAT and ACT are similar and can be accepted by all the colleges in the US.

List of Best SAT prep Courses for Score Increase:

Most students might find it extremely difficult to memorize all the chapters by themselves, so taking up SAT prep courses can smoothen the study flow.

The Following are Some of the Best SAT Prep Courses that you can consider In 2024:

1. Princeton Review

2. Kaplan Test Prep

3. Magoosh Online

4. PrepScholar

5. PrepExpert

You can find the best SAT prep courses at different pricing. Personally, I’d suggest considering Magoosh or Princeton Review since the quality is quite promising.

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Final Thoughts: What Is The Average SAT Score?

There you have it. The average SAT scores in the US.

If you are searching for the average SAT score, then I am sure you are either hustling hard to rank at the top or struggling to get at least the average SAT score.

Either way, you can take up the best SAT prep courses and get an excellent SAT score because the SAT prep courses are led by 99th percentile instructors!

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