11+ Best One Year MBA Programs Accelerate Your Career In 2024

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MBA is the most valuable and exclusive degree program, and most of them take two years to complete. 

With a one-year MBA program, you can bypass the core classes and directly dive into the advanced academics designed as per your goals. 

In this article, I have listed the top 11 One year MBA programs that you can check out. Before getting into the details, below is a quick overview of the programs. 

11+ Best One-Year MBA Programs: In A Nutshell (2024) 

Sr.No Name Of The Program Average Tuition Fees
1Kellog Management School$108,016 
2SC Johnson College of Business$79,910
3Fuqua Business School$95,700 
4Marshall School of Business$112,000
5Joseph M. Katz Graduate Business School$79,500 
6Stern School of Business$95,100
7Michael G. Foster School of BusinessResident-$76,890
Non-resident- 112,254
8Mendoza Business College$91,378
9F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business$89,550 
10Goizueta Business School$113,982 
11Cox School of Business$77,579

If you are looking for some of the top one-year MBA programs, here are the 11 best options you can check out. 

1. Kellog Management School, Northwestern University 

The one-year MBA program offered by Kellog Management School provides several options for students to earn this business credential.

It offers a rigorous curriculum; you can choose among the 200 courses. In order to opt for the one-year MBA program at Kellog Management School, you are required to complete the courses by enrollment in the areas of Economics, statistics, operations, and marketing. 

One Year MBA Programs - Kellog Management School

You can choose from six different pathways and seven different majors the Kellogg Management School offers. The School also offers financing options such as merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and loans. 

Location Evanston, Illinois, United States 
Program offerings Data Analytics
Growth and Scaling
Social Impact
 Real Estate
 Healthcare Venture capital and private equity
GMAT Score 729
Tuition fees $108,016 

2. SC Johnson College Of Business-Cornell University 

The SC Johnson College of Business uses a dual campus approach and offers a unique curriculum and core courses. 

Together with the business fundamentals such as operations management and managerial finance, the School also offers tech-focused courses. 

SC Johnson College Of Business

The one-year full-time MBA program at SC Johnson College of Business is STEM-designated. It also allows access to State-of-the-art facilities within and all around the campus. 

Location Ithaca, New York
Program offerings Business data analytics
Entrepreneurial financing
 Digital Marketing
Digital wealth management
Technical leadership 
GMAT Score 690
Tuition fees $79,910

3. Fuqua Business School-Duke University

It is one of the latest business schools that offers an accelerated MBA one-year program. It boasts a unique curriculum that allows you to select and choose from more than 100 electives. 

 All the courses are led by specialized coaches. You can explore several different programs and opportunities.

Fuqua Business School

Along with the major concentrations offered by the School, you can also earn an opportunity to pursue certifications in the areas of finance and health sector management.

Together with the academic curriculum, the School also provides opportunities to the students to access 60+ professional, affinity, and leisure activity clubs. 

Location Durham, North Carolina, United States 
Program offerings Accounting Decision
Sciences Energy and environment
 Finance Operations Management Marketing
GMAT Score 680 to 760
Tuition fees $95,700 

4. Marshall School Of Business-University of Southern California

The Marshall School of Business offers an exclusive one-year MBA program along with Global Business Consulting projects.

It allows students to create their own concentrations during the entire program course. The program aims to provide students with an experiential and immersive learning framework to develop business networks and knowledge. 

Marshall School Of Business

The School presents individualized career development plans and also features travel for Business forums for networking.

Location Los Angeles, California
Program offerings Finance
Business Economics
 Business Analytics
Real Estates and Statistics 
GMAT Score 708
Tuition fees $112,000 

5. Joseph M. Katz Graduate Business School-University Of Pittsburgh 

Joseph M. Katz Graduate Business School offers a highly focused and accelerated MBA program that allows you to complete the MBA full-time course within 12 months. 

The program provides customizable integrated learning along with specialized career coaching. You will get several opportunities to individualize your program by opting for the right mix of elective coursework. 

Joseph M. Katz Graduate Business School

Together with academics, the school also has several extra-curricular activities along with case competitions. It also offers management simulation capstone and consulting field projects. 

Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States 
Program offerings Business Analytics and operations
 Organizational Behavior
Accounting Marketing
 Finance Information Systems and Technology Management 
GMAT Score 621
Tuition fees $79,500 

6. Stern School Of Business-New York University

Stern School of Business offers a tech MBA program designed for students with a passion and commitment to business careers in technology.  

The School offers an advanced curriculum that comprises four major components, i.e., the business core, Stern solutions, technology core, and electives. 

Stern School Of Business

One year curriculum offered by the Stern School of Business also features lessons based on the frameworks of international branding concepts. The School provides opportunities for students to work with organizations and companies on the in-house tech advisory board for MBA. 

Location New York City, United States 
Program offerings Corporate Finance
Marketing Business Communication
 Technical Product Management Business Analytics 
GMAT Score 689
Tuition fees $95,100

7. Michael G. Foster School Of Business-University Of Washington 

The Global Executive MBA program offered by the Michael G. Foster School of Business allows students to earn an MBA degree in just one year. 

It offers a rigorous curriculum that will provide you with the tools and leadership skills to help you solve business challenges. 

Michael G. Foster School Of Business

The School also offers a Technology Management MBA comprising a comprehensive curriculum and exceptional career support. 

Besides the extensive curriculum, the School provides many hands-on learning opportunities, such as consulting projects and internships. The School also offers merit-based scholarships to help you waive your college expenses. 

Location Seattle, Washington, United States 
Program offerings Financial Reporting and Analysis
Leadership development
Managerial Finance
Marketing Strategy
Operations and Supply Chain Management
 Information for decision-making and performance evaluation 
GMAT Score 650 
Tuition fees Resident-$76,890Non-resident- 112,254

8. Mendoza Business College-University of Notre Dame 

Mendoza Business College offers a one-year accelerated and engaging program together with support from the community of exceptional faculty and a network of world-renowned alumni. 

The program offers five majors, out of which three are STEM-designated. The curriculum offered by Mendoza supports personalized leadership and experiential learning. 

Mendoza Business College

To avail of the program at affordable prices, the School offers the best return on investment aided by merit-based fellowships available for both US as well as international students. 

Location Notre Dame, Indiana, United States
Program offerings Finance
GMAT Score 540 to 710 
Tuition fees $91,378 

9. F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business-Babson College

The F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business uses a Technology and Action methodology that prepares you to address the challenges of the business aspects and society, including growth, innovation, and globalization. 

The program also offers a GMAT waiver option, but it only applies if you have a CAM, i.e., a certificate in Advance management, then you can get avail of this course without a GMAT score. 

F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business

It also boasts 25+ student clubs and organizations. You can also gain the opportunity to work with the faculty, alumni, and entrepreneurial leaders through the Leadership lab. 

Location Wellesley, Massachusetts, United States 
Program offerings Business Analytics
Marketing Finance Operations
and Information Management Entrepreneurship 
GMAT Score 599 
Tuition fees $89,550 

10. Goizueta Business School-Emory University 

The Goizueta Business School offers a full-time MBA program that you can complete in 12 months. It provides full MBA experience through world-class academics and personal as well as professional development. 

The School has a student-faculty ratio of 5:1. The program and courses are led by top-notch faculty. This one-year accelerated MBA program allows students to work with business clients and on case studies. 

Goizueta Business School

The summer curriculum offers core courses, leader’s reactions courses, and a Global Experiential module. The Fall semester offers MBA elective courses and career development courses. You can access the elective courses and Goizueta Advanced Leadership Academy through the Spring semester curriculum. 

Together with academics, the School also provides access to several academic and professional groups, cultural groups, student councils, and many activity programs. 

Location Atlanta, Georgia, United States 
Program offerings Accounting
 Investment Banking 
Business Analytics
Consulting Strategy
 Healthcare Consulting
 Marketing Analytics
 Product and Brand Management 
GMAT Score 590 to 770 
Tuition fees $113,982 

11. Cox School Of Business-Methodist University 

The Cox School of Business features a one-year exclusive MBA program to provide you with the skills and knowledge to accelerate toward the right career path. 

It also offers special programs that allow you to customize your academic programs. It also offers joint degree programs such as MS Engineering MBA, JD/MBA, etc. 

Cox School Of Business

You can also access career management courses that cover a wide range of topics, robust self-assessment surveys, and top-notch career coaches to help you define your career paths and objectives. 

Location Dallas, Texas, United States 
Program offerings Accounting
Strategy and entrepreneurship
 Management Marketing
 Supply chain and operations management
GMAT Score 685 
Tuition fees $77,579

Eligibility Criteria And Requirements For A One-Year MBA Program 

Following are certain criteria and requirements that are essential to be eligible for a one-year MBA program. 

1. Baccalaureate Degree In Business. 

The major prerequisite for the MBA program is a degree in Business or other relevant field. Certain colleges or schools also require applicants to complete financial accounting and statistics coursework. This criterion is the major preference at most business schools and colleges. 

2. Recommendation Letters. 

Letters of recommendation are one of the major requirements for many colleges and schools. You can ask for these letters from your mentors, instructors, supervisors, or those who are familiar with your professional and academic abilities. 

3. Academic Transcripts.

Certain Business Schools also require academic transcripts from previous graduate and undergraduate programs along with your GPA. You can submit unofficial copies at the time of applying, but official copies are required at the time of the start of the program. 

4. GPA Score.

The one-year MBA program is accelerated and intensive, so the GPA requirement is quite demanding. An undergraduate grade point of 3.4 to 3.5 is required by most Schools. 

5. Essay.

An essay or a purpose statement of 500 words or less is required by many Colleges. The essay should demonstrate or introduce your personality along with your academic and professional goals to the admission committee. The statement should demonstrate how the applicant will become an asset to the School. 

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Conclusion: One-Year MBA Programs (2024)

Conduct an extensive study about the one-year MBA program and opt for the best one as per your academic goals and preference. 

The MBA programs above will provide you with a rigorous and enriching academic experience and exclusive networking opportunities.

Ensure you fulfill all the above-mentioned requirements and criteria before applying for the Schools. 

You can check out the schools’ official websites to get in-detail information regarding the programs and the financial aid options. 


Are the one-year MBA programs worth it? 

The one-year MBA program is absolutely worth it as it will allow you to earn your degree at half-time and lower tuition costs, living expenses, and accommodations. Also, you can enter the workforce earlier than a two-year MBA program. 

What factors should be considered while selecting the best MBA program? 

Before applying for the best MBA programs, review the program offerings, affordable tuition fees, faculty, etc. Also, look for the accreditations, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities the school offers. 

What is the average GPA for the one-year MBA program? 

In order to get admission to the top one-year MBA program, you are required to maintain an average GPA of between 3.5 to 4.0. 

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