13+ Best Udacity Free Courses In 2024 (Updated List)

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Want to know the best Udacity free courses?

Well, you are on the right platform. In this article, we will be going through the best Udacity free courses. 

By the end of this article, you will be able to learn all about the top courses offered by one of the most popular e-learning sites in the world!

There might be many courses out there on various platforms. But selecting the top-notch course in each category can be hard.

We used a combination of ratings, reviews, ratings, course descriptions, and highlights to pick the best in all of them. 

So without wasting time, let’s dig into this. And in the end, I have also added the steps to enroll in FREE Udacity Courses.

11 Udacity FREE Courses (2024)

Free Udacity CourseCourse Level
1.Microsoft Power Platform Beginner
2.Data AnalystIntermediate
3. Web Tooling & Automation Intermediate
4.Data scientistIntermediate
5. Responsive Web Design FundamentalsIntermediate
6.Introduction to DevOpsAdvanced
7.Machine LearningIntermediate
8.JavaScript Design PatternsAdvanced
9.Website Performance OptimizationIntermediate
10.Product DesignIntermediate

1. Microsoft Power Platform 

My top pick on the list is Microsoft Power Platform which is created with the help of Microsoft. You will learn about app development,  effective low-code options for artificial intelligence, and data analytics in this course.

Best Udacity Free Courses - Microsoft Power Platform

The course will introduce you to how to use Power Apps to create a fully functional iOS app or Android app.

You will also discover how to use Azure AI Builder, create an app with an engaging user interface, design a process using Power Automate and use a datastore to put functionality in an app. 

The course contains four lessons:

  1. Creating your First App with Power Apps
  2. App Development
  3. Using Power Automate
  4. AI Builder
Rating4.8 / 5 
Course lessons4 lessons which take 1 Month to complete
Best For Beginner


  • This course is open to anyone interested in developing apps without any prior programming knowledge.


  • Learn to build powerful and effective solutions.
  • Discover how to use Power Apps to create a fully functional Android or iOS app.
  • Training from industry experts.

2. Data Analyst

Data Analysis and Visualisation by Georgia Tech is one of the most popular free courses on Udacity.

This course will provide students with an introduction to the discipline by covering cutting-edge modeling, analysis, and visualization approaches.

Data Analyst

With a focus on real-world problems requiring complicated real-world data, it will also feature a variety of case studies and actual implications of the R programming language.

This course contains 3 lessons, which are:

  1. Programming in R 
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Regression

The course is intermediate level. Learn the most current methods for data modeling and visualization using the R programming language, just by enrolling in this course.

Rating4.8 / 5 
Course lessons3 lessons which take approx. 16 weeks to complete
Best For Intermediate


  • You must have basic programming knowledge.
  • Also, you need Basic calculus, linear algebra, and probability are all subjects in mathematics.
  • No prior knowledge of machine learning is necessary.


  • Learn from the best instructors.
  • Learn art in data modeling and visualization techniques.
  • Learn in your own comfort zone.
  • Interactive sessions and quizzes.

3. Web Tooling & Automation 

Web Tooling and Automation by Google is our next pick. This course will get you covered with how to set up your development, increase daily and iterative productivity, and protect your site and yourself from mishaps. 

You’ll discover how to accomplish all of this while feeling sure that your code functions correctly on a variety of hardware in the real world. 

Web Tooling & Automation 

The course contains 6 lessons which are full of industry expert video sessions and quizzes.

Rating4.7 / 5
Course lessons6 lessons which take approx. 3 weeks modeling
Best For Intermediate


  • You need to have essential experience with JavaScript and a text editor, like Sublime Text or Atom.


  • Great learning content.
  • Learn productive editing.
  • Get training from experts.
  • Get pro with many interactive quizzes.

4. Intro to Data Science

Udacity’s Introduction to data science covers 5 lessons that cover all the foundational topics in data science 

Intro to Data Science
  • Data manipulation
  •  Data communication with information visualization
  • Data at scale, Working with big data
  • Data analysis with statistics, and machine learning

The course gives you the chance to try out and put fundamental data science methods to use.

Rating4.7 / 5 
Course lessons5 lessons which take approx.2 months to complete
Best For Intermediate


  • Strong passion for data science.
  • Background information on basic statistics.
  • Programming knowledge in Python.
  • Or knowledge of fundamental Python data structures like lists and dictionaries, as well as programming concepts like variables, functions, and loops.


  • Chance to work through a data science project. 
  • Learn each and every Data Science skill in depth.
  • Become an industry expert.
  • Work on live project.

5. Responsive Web Design Fundamentals

With Google’s Pete LePage as your instructor, you will learn the basics of web design in this course!

You will learn to create a web page that is responsive on your own and also functions effectively on a desktop, tablet, phone, or any other device.

Responsive Web Design Fundamentals

The course contains 5 lessons that will help you research what constitutes a responsive website and how typical responsive design principles function on various devices. After that,  you’ll discover how to use the CSS and viewport tag media queries to build a responsive layout. The course will get you covered with all the breakpoints as well as text reading optimization as you go.

Rating4.6 / 5 
Course lessons5 lessons which take minimum of 2 weeks to complete
Best For Intermediate


  • You should know how to write & read CSS and HTML.
  • You should know how to use browser developer tools to modify and inspect websites.


  • Learn to design a responsive site.
  • Get training from industry leads.
  • Engaging sessions with exercises.

6. Introduction to DevOps

Udacity’s introduction to data is an advanced level course that contains 3 interactive sessions which you can learn according to your flexibility. 

This course aims to take current IT professionals, from software development or operations, and assist them in understanding the difficulties faced by businesses. 

Introduction to DevOps

The course will get you covered with an introduction to DevOps, the different perspectives of Dev and Ops, and continuous Integration and Delivery. 

Rating4.5 / 5 
Course lessons3 lessons which take approx. 3 weeks to complete
Best For Advanced


  • You must know at least basic knowledge on how to install the software.
  • Basic experience on programming.
  • Ability to use git.
  • You need basic experience in SysAdmin and Linux.


  • Complete the course according to your flexibility.
  • Get immersive sessions and exercises.
  • Maximize your expertise.

7. Machine Learning

If you are into machine learning, then this course is the best fit for you!

In this course, you will learn how to analyze data from beginning to end using a machine learning approach.

 It will teach you a few of the most crucial machine learning algorithms, how to extract and select valuable features that best reflect your data, and how to assess the effectiveness of your machine learning algorithms. 

Machine Learning

You’ll be able to analyze data using machine learning methods after completing this beginning course. 

The course will also get you covered with how to leverage practical resources, like pre-written algorithms and libraries, to tackle engaging problems as you embark on your machine learning career.

The course contains 10 comprehensive lessons and interactive projects along with exercises. 

Rating4.4 / 5 
Course lessons10 lessons which take approx. 10 weeks to complete
Best For Intermediate


  • You need to have basic knowledge about programming in Python and basic statistics.


  • Enhance your skills in algorithms.
  • Build real-world projects.
  • Code decision tree in python on your own.
  • Learn from industry experts.

8. JavaScript Design Patterns

This advanced-level JavaScript Design Patterns course covers strategies for theoretically and arranging your code. 

As you write JavaScript, you’ll discover the value of separating concerns and acquiring practical experience. After learning how to divide concerns into independent ones, you will jointly examine an organizational library. 

 JavaScript Design Patterns

Additionally, you’ll discover techniques for independently investigating different libraries and frameworks. 

With all four lessons in the course, you will learn to experiment with code and build one of the most crucial qualities of a developer.

Rating4.4 / 5 
Course lessons4 lessons which take approx. 6 weeks to complete
Best For Advanced


  • You need some experience with JavaScript, and some background knowledge with a JavaScript library, such as jQuery.
  • You should also be proficient in HTML and CSS and should have experience creating static pages.


  • Learn design patterns.
  • Learn and rebuild your JavaScript knowledge and skills.
  • Explore unfamiliar codes.

9. Website Performance Optimization

In this short intermediate course, You’ll learn about the Critical Rendering Path

This is the process that browsers use to turn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code into dynamic websites. 

From there, you’ll start investigating and testing out tools for evaluating performance as well as basic methods for getting the initial pixels on the screen as soon as feasible.

Website Performance Optimization

By digging into the specifics of how desktop and mobile browsers produce websites, you will discover ways to speed up any website.

Rating4.5 / 5 
Course lessons3 lessons which take approx. 1 week to complete
Best For Intermediate


  • With reference to website structure, you should be able to explain the general goal of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • You should feel at ease editing JavaScript scripts and reading and writing HTML documents.


  • Learn skills with live project.
  • Become more proficient at web performance by optimizing the portfolio.
  • Learn by doing exercises.
  • Learn from interactive videos.

10. Product Design

This intermediate-level course is aimed to assist you in turning your revolutionary concept into a workable product that you can market. 

This course will teach you about product validation, UI/UX best practices, Google’s Design Sprint, and the procedure for establishing and monitoring actionable metrics, Product Design combines theory and practice.

Product Design

By the end of this course, You will be able to design, prototype, and test your ideas using a Google Design Sprint, which was created at Google Ventures and is only covered in this course.

 Additionally, you will discover how to create low-fidelity mockups of your product and gather relevant metrics.

Rating4.6 / 5 
Course lessons4 lessons which take approx. 2 months to complete
Best For Intermediate


  • No formal prerequisites.


  • Easy examples and interesting materials.
  • Best for startups to visualize their own idea on screen now, entrepreneurs can edit on their own to modify the product.
  • Self-paced learning.

Additional Mentions

While researching for the best free udacity courses, we came across a few courses that appealed to us, but we couldn’t include them in the top 10 list. So, in this section, we will mention them in a brief manner. You can check them out as well.

11. Introduction to Python programming

About This Course: This course will teach you the foundations of the Python programming language as well as coding best practices. You’ll learn how to utilize Python data types and variables to represent and store data, as well as conditionals and loops to control the flow of your applications.

12. Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms

About This Course: There is a pattern to technical interviews. You’ll be one step ahead of the competition if you recognize the pattern. This course will expose you to common Python data structures and techniques. You’ll go through common technical interview questions and learn how to arrange your replies.

13. Developing Android Apps with Kotlin

About This Course: Google collaborated with Udacity to create this course. The course provides you with hands-on experience as you design genuine Android apps with current app architecture. You’ll discover how to leverage Android Jetpack components. You’ll leverage important Kotlin capabilities to develop faster and more succinct app code.

How to Enroll in Udacity’s Free Courses?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to take free Udacity courses:

Step 1: From the list above, find and choose the Udacity course you prefer.

Step 2: Select the Course link.

Step 3: The link will take you to that specific course’s page on Udacity.

Step 4:  Read the course information.

Step 5:  Register for an Udacity account or log in with your email address and password.

Step 6: To access that specific course, click the “Enrol Now” option.

Step 7: You can now begin studying the Udacity Free course after enrolling.

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Final Verdict: Best Udacity Free Courses (2024) 

So here we are now! I have listed and explained the top 10 Udacity’s Free Courses that will take your career to the next level.

Here are the 2 best Udacity that you should take in 2024:

  1. Microsoft Power Platform 
  2. Responsive Web Design Fundamentals
  3. Intro to Data Science

Get your Free course by enrolling now! So which course are you taking? Let us know in the comment section below.

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