What Is a Good ACT Score For College Admissions In 2024?

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Do you want to be admitted into your dream college, and want to know how much you need to score on the ACT to get there?

Then it would help if you aimed to score around 26 to get into a good college. On the other hand, if you are targeting top colleges like Harvard University and other Ivy League colleges, you must try to score more than 30 in your ACT examination. 

Besides, scoring maximum in all the examination sections would be best to ensure easy admission into your dream college. 

You can continue reading if you want to know more about good ACT scores. In the following article, I have mentioned details about the ACT score, the average ACt score you need to get into top colleges, etc. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started. 

What is a good ACT score?

A good score will help you get into most good colleges. Besides, it ensures your chances to get into a few of the best colleges in the country

Good ACT score of collages

If you can score more than 75 percentile on your ACT exam, it indeed is a good ACT score. You must get over 26 in your exam to reach the 75 percentile. 

However, scoring more than  85 percentile on your ACT examination increases your chances of getting into the top colleges in the country. If you dream of being admitted into one of the best colleges, scoring 33 or more on your ACT examination can be a good score. 

How is ACT’s scoring system?

A good ACT score will help you to score more percentile than the majority of the test takers. Hence, an ACT score of more than 50% is considered a good score that will help you land a good college. 

Scoring system of Colleges

ACT tests include four sections that are Maths, English, Reading, and Science. Each subject is scored between 1 to 36. However, you need to aim for more than 26 in each section to achieve a good score. 

The percentiles of the ACT exam vary each year. However, you can estimate your percentile with the help of the average score required for different percentiles. You can refer to the following table for calculating the average percentile.  

PercentileMathEnglishReadingScience Composite 

What is the ACT score to get into your dream college?

A good score differs according to the college you are aiming to get admitted to. 

Get into your dream college

That’s because a good ACT score for some colleges may not be capable of getting you admitted into the top college like Harvard or Columbia University. Hence, all you need to do is target an ACT score after researching the college you dream of getting admitted into. 

Now you might wonder how to check a good ACT score required for the college you wish to be admitted to. 

Here is a solution to your issue. I have listed the ‘GOOD’ ACT scores for the well-known colleges in the nation. You can go through the table and set a goal to score the best in your exam.

CollegeACT score for the 75th percentileAct score for 25th percentile. 
Boston University3533
Colgate University3431
Bowdoin college3432
Colorado College3329
Indiana University Bloomington2727
Columbia University3534
Miami University3125
Pennsylvania State University3329
Rice University3534
University of Connecticut3328
Tulane University3431
University of Georgia3431
University of Minnesota Twin Cities3328
University of Maryland, College Park3431
University of Pennsylvania3635
University of Richmond3532
University of Pittsburgh3328
Villanova University3432
Wesleyan University3533
Washington University in St. Louis3533

Tips to improve your ACT score

Scoring more into your ACT examination can undoubtedly be difficult, but hard work always pays off. Practicing and dedicating yourself to the process will help you to get an edge over others in your ACT exam. 

Tips To Improve your Score

Here are some tips that will help you to get a good score. 

  • Make use of official resources like practice tests and other study materials available on the official website.
  • Try to solve the questions that you know first and then work on complicated questions. This approach will help you to save time. 
  • ACT paper has more questions which makes managing time difficult during the ACT test. Hence, to cope with this, you can practice time management while giving mocks. This will increase your speed, and you can complete almost all the questions in your test. 
  • Increase your reading speed by reading daily. This will help you complete your reading section quickly, and you can spend more time on the difficult questions. 
  • Practice Mathematics and memorize formulas. It will give you extra time to work on other questions. 

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Scoring 30 on the ACT examination can be difficult, considering the exam’s complexity. However, with the aim of scoring 30, you will be able to at least get a score of 26 on your ACT examination, which is surely a good score to get into good colleges.

Above all, you can always aim to get a score of more than 33 to be eligible for the merit scholarships. 


Is 26 a good ACT score? 

A score of 26 makes the students eligible to apply at the majority of the colleges. Also, the students are eligible to apply at some competitive institutions. However, 26 may not help you to land your dream college if you are targeting the top colleges in the country. 

Is 33 a good ACT score?

Scoring 33 can makes the students eligible to get into competitive colleges in the country. 33 may help you to land your dream college with the help of merit aid. Hence, 33 is no doubt a good ACT score. 

What ACT score is needed to get into the Ivy League.?

To get into Ivy League colleges, a student must have a minimum ACT score of 32 to 33. This core will help you to get into Harvard and Yale. 

What is the hardest school to get into?

Harvard University is the hardest school to get into. You need to have great ACT and SAT scores to get into this college. You need to get more than 33 on your ACT exam to get into Harvard University. 

What is a good ACT score for scholarships?

A student can get a scholarship when he scores more than 30 on his ACT exam. The students who score between 30 to 36 on their ACT exam have a chance to get a scholarship worth more than $10,000. 

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